The iPhone 12 compared to its predecessors

How does the iPhone 12 measure up against previous iPhone models?

We’ve emptied our piggy bank and traded in the obligatory arm and a leg. All so we could get our remaining hand on the latest iPhone 12 and see how it stacks up against our refurbished iPhone 8, X and 11. So, let’s take an objective look at whether the iPhone 12 is – at present – worthy of its number and price tag.

Just give me the details

If you’re a little pressed for time or simply can’t be bothered with the ins-and-outs of every spec, then here’s a summary of our review.

If you’re an Apple enthusiast, are absolutely tantalised by the prospects of what 5G will offer in the future, and/or want to fine-tune your night-time photography, then iPhone 12 will certainly appeal to you. Browse our wide array of cheap iPhone deals now to get your perfectly working used iPhone 12 delivered to you as soon as tomorrow!

The iPhone X and 11

If you are a fan of Apple and its latest innovations (OLED with striking contrast, facial recognition with FaceID, hot blur effects on your photos, etc.), then you might find that a more affordable iPhone X or iPhone 11 may offer more than enough of the features, functions, bells and whistles you’re looking for.

iPhone 8

Those of a more practical and pragmatic disposition will find that the iPhone 8 still has a great deal to offer – serving up astonishingly high-quality photography, processing and battery performance for an older model, and at a vastly low iPhone price.