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Black Friday 2023

Refurbished is the best bet for iPhone 11 Black Friday Deals

Updated on 30 October 2023

Updated on 30 October, 2023 - Unexpectedly just as good as the iPhone 12

Buying the iPhone 11 for Black Friday 2023: An easy choice

The unlocked iPhone 11 is one of the best iPhones to buy in 2023 for Black Friday. Why? Well, for one, you can still upgrade to the latest iOS for the latest iPhone experience, plus the specs are still relevant for today's usage, despite it being released in 2019. It still performs as one of the fastest iPhones on the market. In many ways, it’s better than the base model iPhone 12. It has a bigger screen and much more battery life.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12

The base model of the iPhone 12 is smaller than the iPhone 11. And despite being 1 year newer, the iPhone 12 has a smaller battery and guzzles through that battery at a much faster rate because of its 5G antennas. Expect to get 3 more hours of usage time out of the iPhone 11 when compared to the iPhone 12!. It isn’t often that a newly released iPhone performs worse in any way when compared to an older model—but it’s 2023—and many of us have learned to expect the unexpected.

If you want the most powerful iPhone possible with excellent battery life, we suggest buying the iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max this Black Friday.

Buy an unlocked iPhone 11 this Black Friday or Cyber Monday in 2023

The unlocked iPhone 11 will give you perks that a standard iPhone 11 may not have: the most important being its ability to work on other service carriers (sim free). Just make sure when buying the phone that it is able to work with all possible UK networks. On our website, there are images of the compatible networks displayed below the product.

We've compiled a few early Black Friday deals from retailers in the UK (prices checked on 30/10/2023), but in all honesty we just wanted to show you the real savings between refurbished on Back Market to the cost of new:

  • Tesco outlet: save 37% on an iPhone 11 (64GB) to purchase for £379.99, instead of £599

  • Amazon UK: £429 on an iPhone 11 (64GB) in white colour

  • EE: £429 on the iPhone 11 (64GB), or pay £50 more for the iPhone 11 (128GB)

Compared to Back Market, you can find refurbished iPhone 11 deals with prices starting from:

*Prices checked on 30/10/2023

When you compare prices between Back Market and other retailers that are offering brand new iPhone 11 models, you can see that our prices range from 30% - 50% off, which means kinder on the wallet (as well as kinder on the planet). Furthermore, you'll receive all the same perks as 'new' purchase with 1-year warranty and 30-days to return your phone (hassle free).

There really aren’t many reasons to choose the iPhone 12 over the iPhone 11

There really isn’t much sense buying the iPhone 12 for this Black Friday. 5G is one of the only advantages that this phone offers over the iPhone 11, but the carrier service for 5G still isn’t widespread. In addition, the toll 5G places on an already smaller battery is significant. Tom’s Guide reports that the iPhone 11 can get about 11:16 (11 hours and 16 minutes) of usage on a charge, while the iPhone 12 can only get 8:25. Disappointing.


  • Tesco outlet:

  • Amazon UK:

  • EE:


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