Which iPhone is the best value for money?

Updated on March 5, 2024 - Can you believe the first iPhone was only released in 2007? Neither can we. It feels as though our beloved Apple iPhone handsets have been glued to hands for life. :D For those of us who are die-hard Apple fans, the only real question at Black Friday or contract renewal time is which iPhone to choose. Looking to save a bit of cash into the bargain - and buy before Black Friday comes around? Welcome to the wonderful world of Back Market, where we'll save you serious money on the best value iPhones available. Let's dig deeper into this joyous world of affordable premium technology...

Let's set the record straight from the "get-go" - 'value' doesn't automatically equate to "cheap as chips" prices. Apple phones always command a premium price tag because of their quality build and absolute desirability. But there are cheaper models on the refurbished market, and the best place to start finding a bona fide bargain is to decide what you really need from an iPhone. Also try using our helpful smartphone comparison tool to check side-by-side different iPhone models against each other to help you decide! Here are some of our top picks below:

The iPhone SE: Beauty in a Small Package

The iPhone SE (2020) is a good choice because it operates on the Apple A13 CPU, making it as powerful as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but for several hundreds of pounds cheaper new (or on a classic Black Friday deal.) It's a great refurbished phone too, with wireless charging, touch ID, a home button (if you aren't a fan of making expansive gestures anytime you want to like a comment), and it's waterproof. Even better, there's a wide range of options for storage and colourways, so you can look as fly as poss. ;) Why is it cheap? Because this model is basically a reboot of the iPhone 8. No R&D costs = good news for your pocket. The reviewers at 3G agreed that this is their choice of affordable compact refurbished iPhone too, meaning that we're all friends here when it comes to voting panels ;) For more details about this super little phone, then check out our iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone XiPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone 6s comparison articles.


iPhone 11: A flagship-featured All-rounder

For most users, the iPhone 11 will probably be a strong bet for a refurbished iPhone that is powerful, yet affordable. It has a great battery life, excellent camera, good colour options and a feature set quality that is surprisingly decent value. It's also relatively waterproof, although the screen resolution may not be crisp enough for everyone's tastes. Trusted Reviews recommend this for most people as a top choice for an affordable Apple iPhone with flagship features. Compare the iPhone 11 against other models such as; iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR, iPhone 11 vs XS, iPhone 11 vs X, iPhone 11 vs iPone 12 mini.