Samsung Galaxy s10e Review: specs, price and thoughts

Futuristic and modern: A galactic hit!

Samsung Galaxy S10e: Its specifications

This overview is dedicated to another member of the Samsung Galaxy S10 family. We're talking about the Samsung Galaxy S10e! Officially presented on February 20, 2019 and released on March 8, 2019, this device stands out for its performance and value for money. We had the opportunity to admire this model from all angles. Here are the main advantages and a few disadvantages that we found in our Samsung Galaxy S10e review.

Samsung S10e



14.2 x 6.99 x 0.79 cm

screen size

5.8 inches

screen resolution

2280 x 1080 pixels - 438 dpi

battery capacity


storage capacity

128GB/ 256GB


150 grams

photo sensor

Main: 12MP - 16MP

Front: 10MP

Modern design

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is characterised by its very modern design. Aesthetically, this smartphone has the same features as its siblings, the Galaxy S10 and S10+ versions, namely: an all-aluminium body, very clean lines and a wide range of colours (pink, yellow, white, blue, black, green). Too bad it doesn't have a curved edge screen. That would have enhanced the design even more. However, the 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen has a similar effect.

The main difference to the other models lies in the dimensions and weight. We noticed in our Samsung Galaxy S10e review that it's sort of a smaller, lighter version of the other two. The compactness is thus one of its greatest strengths.

In addition, its small size gives it perfect ergonomic dimensions, optimised for use with just one hand. You can see that the Korean smartphone giant invests a lot of resources in its latest smartphone models, both in terms of design and functionality.

The inner workings: Small but fine

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is powered by a Samsung Exynos 9820 octa-core - 2.7 Ghz SoC processor supported by 6 GB of RAM. You don't have to be an expert to judge the performance of such a configuration for a smartphone. To put that into perspective, the Exynos 9820 far outperforms the Snapdragon 855 that powers most of the latest generation Android-based smartphones, including the famous Xiaomi Mi 9. Also, this processor almost matches the performance of the Apple Bionic A12. The biggest difference here lies in the different screen qualities.

Improved functionality

In terms of practicality, this smartphone scored well compared to other devices in the same series. The Android 9.0 Pie operating system paired with the One UI surface ensures a very pleasant feeling of use. The navigation is very fluid and the program integrates with many useful applications efficiently.The Bixby function in particular offers a revolutionary user experience. Most notably, we were pleasantly surprised by the "Bixby Routines" feature. With this tool you can configure or time the start of certain tasks after a defined event. For example, completing a defined action or task after a certain time or based on a specific geographic location. And what's even more surprising, the software gives you suggestions for tasks based on your usage habits. Samsung certainly hasn't stopped surprising us with its innovations!

We also praised the very simplified design of the menu. True,