The best Samsung phone in 2024

Published on 22 April, 2024 - Looking for the best Samsung phone? Cost, new features, and reliability are important factors to consider. Your personal taste is also crucial, especially if you have a preference for curved screens, large or small phones, and what you’ll use your device for.

Each year, Samsung releases an onslaught of award-winning smartphones that become extremely popular on a global scale. So, if you’re thinking of buying or leasing one of these devices, you’ll have dozens of factors to consider. 

Here, we’ve streamlined your search for the best Samsung phone by comparing our favourite features in the latest and greatest models.

Best Samsung phone 2024 winners

Best overall: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


Even the base models of Samsung’s line of Galaxy phones tend to be crowd-pleasers each year. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, however, is the best model of Samsung’s latest and greatest Galaxy smartphones, boasting the best camera of any Galaxy phone on the market and easily rivalling competitors like Apple or Google. 

The S23 Ultra does seem to experience fluctuations in battery performance, and its curved screen and hefty weight aren’t entirely ergonomic. Plus, a brand-new S23 Ultra can cost upward of £1,000. Nevertheless, the pros far outweigh the cons, making this model a strong contender for the best Samsung phone currently available.


  • Dimensions: 163.4 x 78.1 x 8.9 mm  

  • CPU: Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy

  • Front camera: 12.0MP Selfie Camera

  • Back camera: 200 MP wide-angle | 12 MP ultrawide | 10 MP telephoto

  • RAM/storage: 256GB | 512GB | 1TB

  • Battery life: 5,000 mAh 


  • Best-in-class camera image quality

  • Potent RAM processing power

  • 5G internet connectivity 


  • Pricey

  • Inconsistent battery life

  • Bulky build may be unwieldy for some 

Best budget: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra


When looking for the best midrange Samsung phone on the market, consider this: the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is over 2 years old, yet it still gives newer phones a run for their money. In 2021, this device was Samsung’s flagship phone. Thanks to price drops, it’s one of the best smartphones you can buy for a relatively low price.

With a 4,000 milliampere-hour (mAh) battery and a dynamic screen refresh rate that adjusts to on-screen content, the S21 Ultra is a powerhouse machine. Its bulky frame can be off-putting to some, and the iPhone Pro Max 12 just barely edges out its price tag. Regardless, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best budget Samsung phone per dollar.


  • Dimensions: 75.6 × 165.1 × 8.9 mm

  • Screen size: 6.8 inches

  • CPU: Octa-core

  • Camera: 108.0 MP wide-angle | 12.0 MP ultra-wide | 10.0 MP telephoto

  • RAM/storage: 128GB

  • Battery life: 4,000 mAh


  • Dynamic refresh rate 

  • First Galaxy phone to integrate S pen 

  • Director’s view drastically improves video-capturing capabilities


  • Bulky and heavy

  • No charger or micro SD card slot

  • Slower and $100 more than the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Best A series: Samsung Galaxy A54


Samsung’s S Series phones are undoubtedly impressive, but the A Series also deserves its due. These devices aim to offer a premium user experience for a much lower cost than their S series counterparts. Case in point: the Samsung Galaxy A54.

This compact smartphone has a battery life of 5,000 mAh, rivalling the S23 Ultra. The A54 is also famous for its photo-capturing capabilities, though its chipset and Exynos processor are lacking for a phone with this price tag. The A54 can be an excellent backup phone or the right fit for people who enjoy a more minimalist device.


  • Screen size: 6.4-inches

  • CPU: Octa-core

  • Camera: 50 MP wide-angle | 32 MP ultra-wide | 12 MP telephoto

  • RAM/storage: 128GB

  • Battery life: 5,000mAh


  • Boasts impressive battery life 

  • Vision booster, which shifts tone mapping based on ambient light

  • Great daylight photos


  • Potential performance issues

  • Slow charging 

  • Underwhelming chipset 

Best battery life: Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 


The best Samsung phone isn’t always the priciest model or the device with the fanciest features. Functionality goes a very long way — you may become fond of a phone that simply feels good to use even without so many flourishes. That’s often the case with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus.

The S23 Plus and the S23 Ultra share many of the same great features — both have Snapdragon 8 processors, 25+ hours of video playback time, and durable Armor Aluminium frames — perfect for any power users out there. And if that wasn’t enough, the S23 Plus has a smooth build with a completely flat screen that more easily fits in your palm or your pocket.


  • Screen size: 6.6

  • CPU: Octa-core

  • Camera: 50 MP wide-angle | 12 MP ultra-wide | 10 MP telephoto

  • RAM/storage: 256GB | 512GB

  • Battery life: 4,700 mAh


  • Great rear cameras 

  • Captures great video

  • Strong battery life 

  • More manageable than the Ultra


  • Same display as the S23

  • Comparatively expensive next to other options

  • The base S23 has better value 

Best gaming: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G


Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold phones aim to combine new innovations with old-school 00s aesthetics. This novel idea seemed risky early on, but the Fold line has earned its keep as a worthwhile investment for luxury phone enthusiasts. 

Much emphasis should be placed on that “luxury” part, as these phones are quite pricey, and their features can overwhelm certain users. The Galaxy Z Fold4 might be the best Samsung device for anyone looking for a phone that can also double as a tablet otherwise known as a “phablet”).


  • Screen size: Main screen (7.6 inches), cover screen (6.2 inches)

  • CPU: Octa-core

  • Camera: 50 MP wide-angle | 12 MP ultra-wide | 10 MP telephoto

  • RAM/storage: 256 GB | 512 GB | 1 TB

  • Battery life: 4,400 mAh


  • Reverse wireless charging (it can charge other devices)

  • Two apps can be used at the same time 

  • S-pen compatible 


  • The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is still similar to Fold4

  • Luxury price tag 

  • No S-pen for front display 

  • Not the best camera for photos

Best smaller phone: Samsung Galaxy S23


It’s no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S23 earns this spot on our list. Even though it’s the base model of the S23 line, it still possesses many of the same features that make its older siblings great. The S23 wins out on its size and price tag relative to the other S23 models. 

When stacked against similar phones from competitors, the S23 may not tickle everyone’s fancy. It also has a curved screen that can hinder this device’s comfort for certain people. 


  • Screen size: 6.1 inches

  • CPU: Octa-core

  • Camera: 50 MP wide-angle | 12 MP ultra-wide | 10 MP telephoto

  • RAM/storage: 128GB | 256GB

  • Battery life: 3,900


  • 7-hour screen on time

  • Triple-back cameras beat out most competitors 

  • 6.1 display = compact 


  • Features aren’t too different from previous models 

  • Pricey relative to build and features 

  • Curved screen that may hamper ergonomics

Best Samsung phone FAQs

We’ve broken down our thoughts about the best Samsung phone you can purchase, but you probably have more questions. Here are some of the most common queries we’ve encountered.

Which Samsung phone is best for me?

The best Samsung phone for you depends on your habits as a smartphone user. Do you like to play mobile games and record hours of high-resolution footage? The Galaxy S23 Ultra might be the best Samsung phone for you due to its powerful processor, long battery life, and widescreen.

Conversely, the A25 is ideal for people who strictly want to use their phone to make calls, send messages, and do some occasional light web browsing. Then there’s the Fold4, which is more niche and best suited for users who plan to conduct a lot of business on the go.

Which Samsung phone has the best camera?

The S23 Ultra wins the best phone camera category, hands down. Its front-facing selfie camera, alongside its ultra-wide and telephoto cams, is also on par with competitors. However, the S23 Ultra’s 200-megapixel ultra-wide camera is unparalleled at taking photos in lowlight environments.

What are the differences when comparing Samsung Galaxy S vs. A Series?

The build quality on these devices is the starkest and most substantial difference between the S Series and the A Series. Build quality refers to the materials used for a device’s hardware (or physical parts). 

Samsung’s S series phones incorporate high-end materials like aluminum in their frames and have high IP ratings (68 in the S23’s case). The A54, by comparison, has a matte plastic frame and an IP rating of 67 — resulting in a less expensive yet less durable phone. 

Put simply, A Series phones are mid-range devices that are affordable and functional, while S Series phones are high-tech mini supercomputers that normally boast a wealth of expensive yet impressive features.

When it comes to an iPhone vs. Samsung, which is better?

This question almost entirely boils down to preference, though we typically see a fascinating tug of war between Samsung and Apple each year in the “who’s camera is better” department. 

iPhones are very easy to use, incredibly long-lasting, and fit in nicely with Apple’s entire ecosystem of products; an Apple Watch, AirPods, and an iPhone all greatly complement each other.

Samsung phones offer an incredibly customizable experience thanks to their Android operating system (OS). It’s not uncommon for techies to drastically increase the functionality of a Galaxy, thanks to the vast amount of software you can download onto these devices.

Learn more about our Samsung guides from our blog, and shop around for used and refurbished Samsung phones in our online store.


We analysed the specifications that Samsung outlined in their press releases and consulted multiple customer reviews during our research. We specifically looked for recurring praise or criticism concerning each phone’s features to finalise our rankings.

*Please note: The prices of Verified Refurbished phones reflect the lowest price of that device on the Back Market website at the time of publication in April 2024. All other above prices reflect the price listed on the linked website at the same time of publication.


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