11 best smartphones for seniors in 2024

Published April, 24 2024 - Let’s face it, seniors want a phone that’s simple to use, with features that fit their needs. Smartphones are great for those who want more than texting and calling. Simple phones are the perfect solution for others who aren’t interested in learning how to navigate newer technologies.

Mobile phones have become a daily staple. Whether you’re carrying a smartphone or something more simple, they’re a necessity for staying connected.

Most mobile phone manufacturers thrive on innovation and the world’s ability to adapt to new technology. But what about our older generations? 

Today’s seniors often aren’t looking for the newest technology in the palm of their hands. Rather, they’re looking for something easy to use that keeps them in contact with their family and friends.

From big buttons and large text to accessibility features and simple maintenance, we researched what seniors need in their cell phones and created a comprehensive list of recommendations. 

Here are 11 top-rated cell phones that seniors will love. Trust us.

1. RAZ Memory smartphone


Price: $349 (only available in the US)

Average rating: 4.75 stars, 94 reviews on razmobility.com

The RAZ Memory Phone is a phone specifically designed for seniors with memory loss. The main screen displays six contacts and an image of the person who owns that phone number. Seniors can make phone calls to their loved ones and caregivers with just one touch. The main screen also has a dedicated button to call emergency services.

Additionally, caregivers can use the Remote Manage feature, which allows them to remotely control and monitor the phone through an app. One of the biggest advantages of this phone is the ability to limit incoming and outgoing calls to numbers in the contact list, making it easy to avoid scams and robo-callers. 


  • Remote Manage capabilities

  • You can restrict Incoming calls to numbers in your contacts 

  • Compatible with all mobile carriers

  • Dedicated 9-1-1 button 


  • Reports of poor video call quality

  • Supports only 30 contacts

2. Apple iPhone SE 3rd generation (2022)


Price: Starting at £167.49

Average rating: 4.6 stars, 229 verified reviews on backmarket.co.uk

Seniors who are familiar with the iPhone layout but don’t need the extra features (and price tag) of standard iPhones will find the iPhone SE suitable for their lifestyle and budget. The iPhone SE has a simple layout with all apps grouped together on the home screen. Additionally, the smaller phone fits more comfortably in the hand for those struggling with arthritis. Like all iPhones, the iPhone SE includes Siri for voice commands and speak-to-text.


  • Most affordable iPhone option 

  • Easy to hold 

  • Compatible with all mobile carriers


  •  Smaller screen size 

  •  Lower quality camera

3. Lively Jitterbug Smart 4


Price: $149.99 (only available in the US)

Average rating: 4.5 stars, 73 reviews on lively.com

Lively set out to make a smartphone that puts simplicity first. The Jitterbug Smart 4 features an easy-to-navigate menu, a large screen, and a clear dual speaker system. The Jitterbug Smart 4 also includes accessibility features like voice-to-text typing, call captioning, and a designated Urgent Response button. This phone has an upgraded camera from its predecessor, so capturing memories with loved ones is no hassle at all.


  • Urgent Response button 

  • Call captioning that uses real-time speech-to-text

  • Long battery life


  • Only compatible with a Lively mobile and data plan 

  • Reports of issues with the setup and activation

4. Samsung Galaxy A03S


Price: Starting at £82.00*

Average rating: 4.2 stars, 11 verified reviews on backmarket.co.uk

If you’re looking for a no-fuss smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A03S is popular among seniors who want an Android phone with a smaller price tag. This phone offers a large, clear display, perfect for seniors with vision problems. It also has a long battery life and charges quickly, which is perfect for anyone on the go.


  • HD+ Infinity display 

  • Long battery life

  • Unlocked and compatible with all carriers 


  • User reports of difficult activation

5. Apple iPhone 14 Plus


Price: Starting at £450.24*

Average rating: 4.6 stars, 94 verified reviews on backmarket.co.uk

For those looking for something with slightly more advanced technology, a larger screen, and a great camera, you can’t go wrong with the iPhone 14 Plus. The phone features a 6.7-inch OLED screen—the largest and clearest screen Apple offers and great for those who have difficulty seeing. Additionally, the iPhone 14 Plus was one of the first to offer Emergency SOS, which allows you to text for roadside assistance or emergency services via satellite if your phone is out of range. 


  • Large memory storage

  • Largest and clearest iPhone screen 

  • Compatible with Emergency SOS

  • Excellent camera quality

  • Unlocked and compatible with all carriers 


  • Slightly heavier phone 

  • Higher price tag

6. Samsung Galaxy A14


Price: Starting at £98.03*

Average rating: 4.6 stars, 230 verified reviews on backmarket.co.uk

The Galaxy A14 is another great budget-friendly Android. It has a large 6.6-inch display and a multi-lens camera system that delivers quality photos, which is especially impressive given the phone’s price. In addition to its long battery life, this phone has 64 MB of storage—a more than suitable amount for most seniors. 


  • Long battery life

  • Great value for the price 

  • Unlocked and compatible with all carriers 


  • Charges slowly

  • Lower quality screen

7. Alcatel GO Flip 4


Price: £108

Average rating: 3.9 stars, 96 reviews on u-buy.co.uk

Searching for an affordable flip phone? The Alcatel GO Flip 4 might be for you. Popular for its easy navigation and oversized, readable tactile buttons, this phone offers all the essentials for a senior who wants to stay in touch with others via talk or text but doesn’t want the fuss of learning their way around a smartphone.


  • Large, easy-to-push buttons

  • Loud volume 


  • Low-quality camera

  • Reports of short battery life

8. Lively Jitterbug Flip 2


Price: $99.99 (only available in the US)

Average rating: 4 stars, 1,708 reviews on lively.com

Many seniors sing the praises of the Lively Jitterbug Flip 2. And for good reason. This flip phone offers a large screen, oversized tactile buttons, a powerful speaker and a long-lasting battery. As with any Lively phone, the Jitterbug Flip 2 features the Urgent Response button for 24/7 emergency assistance.


  •  Large display with large text 

  •  Urgent Response button 

  •  Clear, easy-to-hear speakers


  • Only compatible with a Lively talk and text plan

  • Reports that buttons are hard to press and confusing

9. Snapfōn® ez4G


Price: $99.95 (only available in the US)

Average rating: 3.6 stars, 1,602 reviews on Amazon.com

The Snapfōn® ez4G is small but mighty. It fits perfectly in the hand with easy-to-press large buttons—another great option for seniors with arthritis. While the cell phone has everything you need to talk and text, it also offers advanced features like a dedicated SOS button.


  • Dedicated emergency button

  • Bright, high-contrast display


  •  Does not work with Verizon or AT&T networks

  •  Reports of warranty issues

10. Nokia C100


Price: $47.87 (only available in the US)

Average rating: 3.5 stars, 170 reviews on Amazon.com

If you’re looking for a smartphone at the lowest price, the Nokia C100 delivers exactly that. While it’s not the most powerful smartphone on this list, it’s a great option for seniors who need the basic cell phone features (talk and text) but may also want to access the internet, social media and email from time to time. Plus. this device  offers face recognition and a long-lasting battery.


  • Most affordable smartphone option

  • Face recognition unlock


  •  Compatible with TracFone plans only

  •  Low-quality screen

11. Motorola Moto G Power


Price: Starting at £68.65*

Average rating: 4.7 stars, 16 verified reviews on backmarket.co.uk

Our last phone on this list is another budget-friendly smartphone that features a large screen and an adequate camera system. It is also one of the few smartphones with a headphone jack, which may prove valuable for music-lovers. Like the other budget smartphones on this list, the Moto G Power has everything you need and nothing you don’t—perfect for connecting on the go.


  • Long-lasting battery 

  • Unlocked and compatible with all carriers


  • Charges slowly 

  • Smartphone has no 5G connectivity 

How to pick the best device

The best smartphone for a senior fits their needs and is easy to use. Since “easy to use” is a subjective term, we can’t assume that seniors can take a one-phone-fits-all approach. Thankfully, we have a list of questions to help you decide. 

  • Do you want a simple or smartphone? In other words, do you want to access the internet, use social media, and stream video and music like you can with the iPhone SE? Or are you only interested in a device that makes calls and texts, like the Alcatel GO Flip 4? 

  • Do you have any visual impairments? If so, you may want to consider a high-contrast, large screen with the ability to make text larger. Perhaps Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus may be the best option as it has the largest and best screen resolution on this list

  • Do you wear hearing aids? If the answer is yes, you’ll need to ensure the phone you want is hearing aid compatible. All of the phones mentioned above are hearing aid compatible. 

  • Do you have any medical conditions or safety concerns? If so, perhaps a phone with a dedicated emergency services button is required, like the RAZ Memory Phone or one of the Lively Jitterbug options.

  • Will you be taking pictures with your phone? Like everyone else, seniors want to capture valuable moments and memories. If you plan to take pictures, you may want to invest in a phone with a good camera, like the iPhone 14 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy A14. 

  • How often will you charge your phone? Many seniors don’t want to be bothered by having to charge their phones every night. If you fit into this category, choose something with long-lasting battery life, like the Samsung Galaxy A03S.

Are smartphones suitable for seniors? 

We believe that you can learn and benefit from new technology at any age. Smartphones are a great option for many seniors, but don’t just take our word for it.

In 2022, the PEW Research Center reported that 61% of seniors (adults over age 65) own smartphones, and 45% actively use social media. 

Smartphones are an excellent choice for seniors who want to stay connected via email or social media, texting and calling. And we can’t forget the bonus of streaming your favourite shows, movies, music or audiobooks while on the go. 

If you’re a senior, don’t let new technology scare you away from smartphones. While they may take a bit of a learning curve, with the right support system and a couple of Google searches, you’re sure to be a pro in no time.

How do I get the best deal on a senior smartphone?

It’s no secret that cell phones are only getting more expensive. So, what are the tips for finding the best deal? Most simple cell phones are relatively inexpensive since they don’t have a processor that allows you to access the internet. However, if you’re in the market for a smartphone, you may need to shop around. 

Or you can check out Back Market for a refurbished device instead. Our marketplace offers refurbished iPhones and Samsungs in 100% working condition and up to 50% off vs brand new. 

Final thoughts

If you’re a senior looking for a smartphone, you can’t go wrong with any of the above. For seniors who won’t access the internet and only need to call once in a while, a simple cell phone like the RAZ Memory Cell Phone or Jitterbug Flip 2 is a great option. 

But we also know many active, on-the-go seniors like to keep in touch with family and friends through email and social media. If you’re in this category, you’ll find that a smartphone like an iPhone or Samsung can add value to your life. 

So, if you’re in the market for an affordable phone, you’re in the right place. For great deals on smartphones, Back Market is here.

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During our research, we looked at the top-rated cell phones across various online stores and manufacturers that claimed they were senior-friendly. The above rankings are ordered based on customer ratings and the number of customer reviews regardless of age.

*Please note: The prices of verified refurbished phones reflect the lowest price of that device on the Back Market website at the time of publication in April 2024. All other above prices reflect the price listed on the linked website at the same time of publication.


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