iPhone vs Samsung: what are the differences?

Updated on 28 June 2023

iPhone vs Samsung: we give you their differences to help you choose your next smartphone!

First, a bit of history…


Created in 1976 in California, the Apple brand revolutionised the smartphone world with the launch of the iPhone in 2007. Today everyone knows the luxury smartphone brand that has launched many innovations over the years, with refurbished iPhones now dominating the refurbished market.


2 years after the iPhone was unveiled, Samsung released its Samsung Galaxy i7500, which was the first Samsung smartphone in a long line. Today, Samsung has been the world leader in smartphones for over 9 years now.

Two operating systems: iOS vs Android

One of the main differences between iPhone vs Samsung smartphones is their operating systems. Apple iPhones will use the iOS operating system, while other smartphones will use Android.

Here are the advantages of these operating systems:

iOS for iPhone:

  • Apps coming out earlier on the Apple Store.

  • Updates available for all iPhone models.

  • Data security.

  • Very cool applications like iMessage for example.

Android for Samsung:

  • The universality of all data.

  • Personalisation.

  • If you use Google services a lot (like Gmail, for example), this operating system is preferred. 

  • More apps available on Google Play.

Different price ranges between Apple and Samsung

Apple iPhones:

The prices of new iPhones annually can get close to £1,000 (the iPhone 13 was sold for £1,079 for the highest storage when released), which is expensive if we have a small budget. However, you can find cheap iPhones if you choose refurbished. On Back Market, you can find iPhones at least 30% to 70% cheaper than new, while maintaining the same quality of having a brand new iPhone. A refurbished iPhone is essentially a second hand iPhone, but fixed and made shinier through the renewal process to work no different to something brand new in store!


The brand offers different prices ranging from cheap phones to mid-range and even offering high-end smartphones. You can therefore find a wide choice of cheap android phones according to your budget. In addition, you can also go to Back Market to find refurbished Samsung smartphones at even lower prices.

iPhone vs Samsung: which models are best?

On the Apple side, you will only find high-end smartphones. However, there are several iPhone ranges that each contain 2 to 3 models. Often, in the 3 models offered, you will find the standard model, a Pro model and a Max model. 

On the Samsung side, you'll find plenty of models available, ranging from low-end to high-end. You can find a large number of premium Samsungs such as the Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra or the Galaxy Z Flip (are you hesitating between the S20, the S20 Plus and the S20 Ultra?). When at the top of the range, the Galaxy S10, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus are good examples, which compete with the iPhone.

The Back Market tip: If you want to buy a smartphone of a certain range but want to buy it cheaper while maintaining the quality, our used iPhones for sale (which have all been refurbished) are a great solution. Indeed, refurbished smartphones are -30% to -70% cheaper on Back Market when compared to prices sold as new.

Which one to choose between iPhone and Samsung?

With all the things mentioned above, iPhones and Samsungs are different and provide a different experience. None is better or worse, the best is the one that best suits your needs, but also your budget. However, what we do know for certain, is that opting for second hand phones, which have been refurbished are 1000x better for the planet (and your wallet), than buying brand new! At Back Market, we look to give you peace of mind when you shop with us by adding 1-year warranty (minimum) and a 30-day return policy after purchase so that you have little to no risk when shopping refurbished - we're that confident in the refurbished market, we just want you to see for yourself!  

If you want to compare phones before making your choice, we advise you to try out our handy smartphone comparison tool.

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