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It is the small things that matter to the consumer, and Apple has given its customers all reason to continue being loyal. The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR were launched in 2018. The models have improved battery life, better cameras, and a boost in performance. Previously iPhones lagged in the battery life category, but with the new XS models, the smartphone’s battery life is on the leaderboard. All these improvements give you enough reason to pick the iPhone over other smartphone brands. We shall discuss some of the different iPhone XS tests, including the drop test, battery life test, processor speed, and camera test.

Battery life improvements

Previous iPhones had serious battery drains. Even larger iPhones have not done well in the previous battery life tests. Due to this, Apple embarked on improving their iPhone batteries. With the latest models, Apple Inc. argues that the A12 Bionic processor boosts the amount of time between charges. Apple indicates that the battery life of the XS lasts 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X. According to the Consumers Organization tests, the iPhone XS lasted 24.5 hours while the XS Max made it to 26 hours. This is a big improvement from the iPhone X’s 19.5 hours. Note that the iPhones charge slower than other phones. In the Consumer org’s test, the iPhone XS took 195 minutes to fully charge (0-100%) while XS Max took 210 minutes.


Apple claimed the best smartphone camera when it launched the iPhone X. With a few tweaks on iPhone X’s camera, the XS has more clarity and a higher resolution. The iPhone XS camera captures multiple shots all at different exposures, combines them to produce a stunning single image thanks to Apple’s new SDR technology. According to the Consumer org test, iPhone’s still photos outperformed Apple’s competitors.

The durability test/Drop test

Apple boldly claims that the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max have one of the most durable screens any smartphone has ever had. While results may vary, the iPhone XS has survived a three-foot, a four-foot, and a five-foot fall or drop, which are the normal heights clumsy people drop their phones. Although the Retina display was badly ruined at the eleven-foot fall, the XS has a harder glass than the previous-generation iPhone X. Please get an iPhone XS case for extra protection and invest in AppleCare+ too.


The 7-nanometer A12 Bionic chip is faster and more efficient than the A11 in the iPhone X. Apple claimed that the A12 could make the phone faster without draining the battery. A12 has two high-performance cores that are up to 15% faster than the A11 and four cores that improve the performance of the XS by 50%. All six cores make the XS one of the fastest phones in the world. Most people will probably not notice improved performance, but applications should open faster, and heavy games run smoother.

Why should you buy a refurbished iPhone XS?

  • Refurbished iPhones are cheap.

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  • Apple has taken the iPhone XS off the market.

With the iPhone XS out of the market, finding a new one can be a hassle. To ensure that you do not land on a cheap and fake iPhone, buy from a reputable store. We focus on selling reliable, refurbished products that will serve for a long time. Our products have been tested (hardware and software) to ensure that they are working properly.

  • Quality for less

Although there are several horror stories about refurbished goods being unreliable, Back Market aims at giving you 100% reliable used products. We boast of our 1000 certified refurbishers who foresee all the operations and ensure that the used items are made reliable. Our refurbished iPhones are efficient and give you value for your money.

  • You will save the world.

Every year 20-50 metric tons of electronic wastes are disposed worldwide, and only 12.5% of that is currently being reused. Back Market has saved the world from shedding 72 megatons of e-waste by refurbishing electronic items from game consoles, smartphones, household appliances, etc. Please help us make the world safe by purchasing our refurbished products. You will enjoy products from your favourite brands (Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc.) at a pocket-friendly price.

  • Compare the iPhone XS with other models

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The iPhone XS has proven to be reliable by performing well in all the tests. It has a longer battery life than the previous-generation iPhone X, and the camera has improved greatly. And with XS off the market, we are giving you a chance to experience the incredible smartphone by buying a used iPhone XS. Back Market is allowing you to enjoy quality iPhones for a low price. You can enjoy the beautiful features of the iPhone XS at a low price. Other refurbished iPhones in stock are the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, and all other models. Earlier models go for less. Please check out our platform to see the items currently on sale.

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