Black Friday 2023

iPhone 13 Black Friday deals are here, and better than ever!

Updated on November 23, 2023 - Like Friday the 13th only different. Find out how to bag yourself an excellent Apple iPhone 13 Black Friday deal this year!

How much is the iPhone 13 on Black Friday this year?

The iPhone 13 with 128 GB currently costs £599 new from Apple. But It will certainly cost the same on Black Friday, and there are no iPhone 13 Pro models on sale on the Apple website anymore. Unless you look around at other online retailers who offer big discounts on Black Friday, including the Pro series. 👋🏼 👋🏼


If you opt for a mobile phone with a contract, you may be able to grab a bargain from telco providers like EE - at least at first glance. However, always make sure to calculate the actual costs because you can end up paying more after interest and fees.

So where can I find the best Apple iPhone 13 Black Friday deals then?

The best iPhone 13 deals are usually found online in the week leading up to Black Friday, which is increasingly referred to as Black Week. The promotions continue throughout the week leading up to Black Friday (this year it will fall on the 24 November, 2023, and even into Monday (also referred to as Cyber Monday). And you can still get some good deals on that day too.

However, retailers are getting more and more clever with their sales, and are even offering early Black Friday deals already. Below we've updated our list of current iPhone 13 Black Friday deals advertised in the UK (prices checked on 23/11/2023):

  • Very - save up to £150 with the 128GB and 256GB models in a variety of different colours. What would cost you normally £799 or £699, you can now purchase the iPhone 13 for either £649 or £549 now.

  • Amazon UK - save up to 8% off across all colours for a 128GB model in refurbished excellent condition.

  • John Lewis - save £50 across all iPhone 13 models that come in different storage sizes (128GB, 256GB, 512GB). Plus, new subscribers receive 3-months free of Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ across all iPhone 13 storage models.

🤷 In all honesty, these deals aren't exactly mind-blowing if you ask me. Other forms of deals are free limited streaming services offered by Apple but this doesn't seem much like a deal either. You're still forced to fork out at least £500 to buy an iPhone which is 2 generations older than the latest - iPhone 15.


👀 Lucky for you, on Back Market, we really offer a deal where you can get refurbished iPhone 13 models with discount of between 30% to 50% off the cost of new, just see our list of starting prices below for various iPhone 13 models:

*Price check on 23/11/2023

Even the most advanced model of the iPhone 13 series (13 Pro max) is cheaper than a new iPhone 13 base model, which speaks volumes about the savings you can get for such a powerful iPhone. What's more is that you also receive 12-months warranty and 30-days to change your mind (no questions asked).

What is the best Black Friday iPhone deal?

The iPhone 13 released in September 2021, has already been replaced by the iPhone 14, and now the iPhone 15 as Apple's latest smartphone. Upon release of the latest iPhone, Apple of course - as they do every year - did not stop emphasising that it is the best iPhone yet. Despite the usual price drop within the first year, the cheapest price on Idealo for a brand new iPhone 13 Pro is still a hefty £842. 😵 (price checked on 23/11/2023).