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All hail the glorious Apple brand, beloved by tech connoisseurs across the world (and potentially beyond). If you'd already pledged your lifelong devotion to the iPhone series then you'll be feeling pretty smug right now - we're going to go right out there and say it; we think the iPhone X may be one of the finest mobile phones ever made. Ready to be seduced by a piece of near-pristine phone technology? Come join us dear reader on a handset journey...;)

Our verdict on the iPhone X

We're not afraid to say it: The Apple iPhone X is still one of the finest mobile phones on the market. Its release rebooted Apple handsets with a relocated home button, a next-level camera and a supremely satisfying design. Of course, given the quality of the product on offer the Apple iPhone X was always going to be at the most expensive end of the market, but don't let that put you off; BackMarket have your budget needs covered with a great selection of refurbished iPhone Xs at the price you want to pay.

But first, let's deep-dive into the features of the iPhone X.

The iPhone X; Apple's great leap forward

After releasing years' worth of familiar - if highly desirable - handsets, Apple revealed its new baby in 2017, after ten years of development. And the iPhone X really did shake things up in a good way. In fact, market analysts agreed that this was the handset that most shook up Apple's direction since its very first iPhone release in 2007.

Exploring the features of your refurbished iPhone X

Let's tour the handset and start with the notably absent features. The Touch ID scanner is gone, along with the home button - which represented a huge change in direction, not just for Apple but for smartphone design as a whole. Instead, face recognition technology came to the fore, along with wireless charging. This technology is housed in the now-famous 'notch', which also houses the camera, dot projector and flood illuminator.

The iPhone X handset

The handset has an appealing weight and a premium stainless steel edging, with a superb sense of smoothness and grip that hasn't been enjoyed since the iPhone 3. The glass surround also conjures up happy memories of the iPhone 4, but this handset is definitely a forward-facing design with only the barest of nods to its heritage.

There is no bezel and simply the slimmest of black edgings, making the screen ideal for movie viewing without distraction. It's the screen which steals your heart, however - when placed next to any other Apple product previously released, the iPhone X was cooler, crisper and truer in colours and image resolution. The glass front and back also maximises the screen size, and Apple reassures customers that it's a particularly hardwearing glass which will stand knocks. (To be on the safe side though, we would recommend that anyone treating themselves to a refurbished iPhone X also picks up a suitable screen protector for certainty.)

Summary features of your refurbished iPhone X

  • Oled display with superb True Tone, self-adjusting Super Retina Display, with a pixel density of 458 PPI with a 1,000,000:1 colour ratio

  • An all-screen front, using Face Recognition. Very smart Face Recognition too. Have fun dying your hair, growing a beard or wearing wacky glasses and your phone will still spot you! :)

  • Animated and mirroring Animoji - which, again, led the way in the market in the emoji world.

  • A reverse-housed dual-lens camera system, with enhanced Portrait Mode

  • An OS powerhouse - 6 cores, 64 bits, an A11 Bionic chipset. See the full tech spec here and prepare to be wowed.

  • Wireless charging

  • Water-resistant for 30 minutes at depths of up to a metre. Ideal for accidents in the bathroom ;)

  • IOS 11 operating system (with a recent IOS 13 update.)

See the full technical specification of your refurbished iPhone X in its complete glory at Apple.

What did reviewers think?

TechRadar gave the iPhone X a near-perfect 4.5 stars, as did Trusted Reviews. Meanwhile, it knocked The Guardian's socks off with a top-scoring 5/5!

Ready to take home a refurbished iPhone X?

Thinking that the refurbished iPhone X might be just the treat your need in your life right now? We'd agree. In terms of colour, you can choose from a space grey or silver version; both equally stylish and designed to impress. However, if your heart pines for on-trend rose gold, then we'd direct to the iPhone 8 instead.

Prefer Android alternatives to a refurbished iPhone X?

The iPhone X changed the game, but Android brands were quick to get in on the act and to adopt similar features in their own designs. If imitation really is the most sincere form of flattery, then check out the slightly smaller Asus Zenfone 5, the Huawei P20, the OnePlus 6 and the LG G7. Alternatively, check out other hugely popular refurbished phones such as the huge Galaxy range.

Why choose a refurbished iPhone X?

Ready to buy a refurbished iPhone X? If you've not shopped with Back Market before, you're in for a treat. We sell trusted, top-quality mobile phone and digital tech refurbished products - like new, but at second-hand prices. Every refurbished iPhone X is restored and checked by experts and comes with a full money-back guarantee. Whilst every device is 100% functional, you pick the appearance and pay accordingly - with the price of a refurbished iPhone X about 40% lower than a new iPhone X. Why let beautiful technology go to landfill when it can be brought back to life? Do your bit for the environment - and for your pocket - whilst satisfying your desire for top-quality, high-end technology from the biggest brands. At Back Market, we've got your back, with a TrustPilot score of 4.2 and thousands of happy customers :D

How does the iPhone X compare with other iPhone models?

For extra details on how the iPhone X compares with other iPhone models, try our cool phone comparison tool. Alternatively, check out our popular iPhone X comparison articles that can help you decide about purchasing an iPhone X or something else instead:

If you're still shopping for the right iPhone, try browsing our exhaustive list of second hand and used iPhones for sale, which are provided by our trusted sellers around the country whom have all professionally refurbished each and every iPhone before going on sale. Every iPhone comes with a minimum 1-year warranty and money back guarantee from Back Market, if you're not happy in the first 30-days after purchase.

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