The iPhone 14 has landed...in a spectrum of colours

There is certainly lots to get excited about with the latest iPhone release, not least a dynamic island, and the much-improved iPhone 14 camera. But what we really wanted to know from the launch event was: what colours are available? Yes, it’s true, many iPhone fans have little to no interest in the colour of their phone, but for some of us, it literally occupies our every waking thought. So without further ado, let’s introduce the colours for the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models.

iPhone 14 colours/iPhone 14 Plus colours: five to choose from

Since the announcement of the iPhone 14 series at the latest Apple event, the first thing we noticed about the colour range for the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models is that there's only one completely new shade. Classic black, white and the now standard red have all been seen before. Let's delve deeper into each colour.


A fancy way of saying black, this most classic of shades was renamed for the iPhone 13 to the enigmatic 'midnight'. To the trained eye, you’ll spot it has a bluish tint which marks it out from the original black. The darkest of options is always the most popular of the iPhone colours. If your priority is buying a black phone, you will find options with every model. Shop for a refurbished iPhone 14 midnight and refurbished iPhone 14 Plus midnight at Back Market.


Another fancy new word for a shade that’s never gone away. Apparently now called ‘starlight’, white is predictably one of the options for the iPhone 14. After black, white is one of the most OG iPhone colours, available for around half of all models. Shop for a refurbished iPhone 14 starlight and refurbished iPhone 14 Plus starlight at Back Market.

The new Blue

It’s not the first time Apple has released a blue phone - there are blue options for the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone XR and iPhone 5C. However, this new shade of blue could not be more different. For the iPhone 14, Apple has picked a gorgeous mellow and muted shade of blue. This autumnal blue is perfect for the wintry seasons. A more calming iPhone colour, we’ve yet to see. Shop for a refurbished iPhone 14 blue and refurbished iPhone 14 Plus blue at Back Market.


The first, and only other iPhone available in purple, is the iPhone 11. However, the purple iPhone 14 is a lighter shade, more of a fresh, purple tint than anything. It’s ideal for those that want a subtle touch of colour rather than a saturated shade. Unless you are very picky about your purple, however, you can save with a refurbished purple iPhone 11 instead. Shop for a refurbished iPhone 14 purple and refurbished iPhone 14 Plus purple at Back Market.


One of the best colour choices for the iPhone 14; (PRODUCT)Red is a popping, pillar-box shade. First seen on the iPhone X, it’s been a popular choice for several models ever since. Designed to stand out from the crowd, this statement colour choice says more about you than you realise. That's because the colour is used in partnership with the Global Fund. The organisation was launched as a global commitment to fight AIDs, malaria and tuberculosis. In recent years, it has also funded the fight against COVID-19. All new purchases of the iPhone 14 in (PRODUCT)Red includes a donation to the Global Fund. Traditionally the colour of passion, vitality and energy, a red iPhone 14 is sure to create a buzz, but you can find the same colour in many other models. Shop for a refurbished iPhone 14 red and refurbished iPhone 14 Plus red at Back Market.