What is the best cheap Samsung smartphone?

Samsung is the most popular smartphone brand in the world, Samsung has been coming up with little technological wonders year after year. Even at low prices, you can find very good models that will suit your needs. Indeed, refurbishing will allow you to have access to cheap Samsung, quality, and that will meet your expectations. Here is a selection for those who want one of the best Samsung on the market, while having a tight budget.

Quick look at the best budget Samsung phones

If you want to buy a cheap smartphone, refurbished products are a good way to get a smartphone that retains the quality of new, while being at the best price!

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Refurbished Samsung S10: the best Samsung phone at a low price!

Well, of course! The big winner of Samsung budget phones is none other than… (drum roll)... the refurbished Samsung S10! So if you are looking for a cheap smartphone, you can stop searching – this model is excellent.


Indeed, this underrated gem comes with a very elegant design and great performance that doesn’t go unnoticed (for example, PUBG players will be delighted to play the game faster!)

Our favourite thing about the Samsung Galaxy S10 is of course its triple-camera system. Whether it's food, landscape, a portrait, day or night photos, this smartphone is and will remain a very good camera for all types of shots. Its main wide-angle lens shoots at 12MP resolution, its ultra wide-angle lens at 16MP, and its 2x telephoto lens at 12MP. 

Finally, we will of course talk about the price! The price of the new Galaxy S10 is around £639, which is very expensive for those on a budget. However, you can find a Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone (with the same quality as new) for very cheap if you buy them refurbished. Indeed, you can find a Samsung S10 for as low as £155, which is a 75% off deal. 

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