a refurbished samsung galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review

If you want your phone feature-packed, luxy, beautiful to look at and multi-award-winning, then the Samsung Galaxy S10 is probably winking at you right now. You know how every year you do the 'should I upgrade my phone' dance? This model was designed to make that question completely redundant - and frankly, we think it worked! :D

A Cheap Samsung Galaxy S10? You'd better believe it!

Just three of the biggest game-changing features we like (and the ones the market went wild for) are the:

  • Generous size, with a spectacularly large screen to body

  • Nifty in-screen sensor for fingerprint security

  • Wireless PowerSharing, for all those times you forgot your charger. (All day, every day... ;)

So, although we aren't shallow (hey, we go for function as well as form at Back Market) - let's take a moment to go a little ga-ga over the beautiful design. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is so beautifully tactile and pleasingly designed. Its perfect presentation includes:

  • The famous 6.1-inch Infinity Display - perfect for HD videos and images

  • A beautiful edge-to-edge screen design which stretches across the handset and even spills the pixels over the side's curved edges for total visual heaven. (Think: zero bezels)

  • A massive Infinity-O screen which has managed to relegate the front camera to a tiny punch-hole.

  • Neatly tucked away sensors, hidden behind the AMOLED display (which is ridiculously bright and vibrant by the way.)

  • An ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, integrated into the front glass, where it should be.

OK, so we've got a bit giddy over the handset, let's turn our attention to the functionality behind the gloss.

Camera : The camera is definitely the main selling point of this handset, and its fans go wild for its processing capabilities, with a triple-lens, rear-facing camera to take 'normal' photos, ultra-wide and telephoto images. What's more, it's notably consistent even in low-light and performs extremely well with its auto-adjusting f/1.5 aperture plus top-of-the-range image processing and noise reduction. Perfect for taking yet another Insta photo of your breakfast or cat...

Other key features

However, there's more to this flagship-level camera than the perfect selfie. Check out features that include:

  • Wireless PowerSharing to Qi charge other phones from the back of your Samsung Galaxy S10.

  • 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED+ - taking up 88% of the screen frontage. It's super-bright too - in fact, DisplayMate found it could hit the advertised level of 1250 nits at peak.

  • Market-leading One UI Android software

  • Superb performance thanks to Samsung’s Exynos 9820 chipset, plus 8GB of RAM - games, apps and all content load immediately with no 'lag' - including rich images and dynamic content. You can watch full-length videos on this handset and get completely immersed.

  • A MicroSD of up to 512GB

  • A high performance 3400mAh battery

  • Support for Wi-Fi 6 (but note that it doesn't have 5G.)

Why you're now hankering after a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10

You know how other phones tend to have one or key hallmark features or selling points per handset? Well, Samsung crams in as many pioneering features as it can, and creates game-changing phones as a result. The Samsung S10 is no exception - just check out its HDR10+ and rapid Wi-Fi 6 as key examples.

It's no surprise that this handset sits at the top of the Samsung mobile phone product range (along with the Galaxy Note 10). It's pretty much the perfect Android choice for the consumer market and will pretty much tick all boxes, unless you are looking for something pretty unique and specialised (sadly, no handset yet exists which can make your morning espresso, but we remain hopeful.)