The best Cyber Monday laptop deals: refurbished laptops

The best Cyber Monday laptop deals: refurbished laptops

We all know how unnecessarily expensive laptops can be. And while it can be tempting to wait for Cyber Monday to buy one, the deals aren’t always really deals. If you’re looking to save big, consider buying a refurbished laptop. They work like new laptops but cost 30% to 70% less. You won’t find that kind of deal at any major retailer. However, if you shop on Back Market, you’ll find low prices on all your favourite laptops.

Cyber Monday laptop deals: when do they start?

Cyber Monday takes place the Monday after Black Friday. This year, Cyber Monday is happening on November 28, 2022. 📅

While the line between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is getting blurrier each after, Cyber Monday is better known for discounts on electronics, of course including laptops. 💻

This means laptops will be getting a lot of attention around the end of November. Some retailers even offer early deals starting from the middle of the month.

While it’s true you’ll see some price cuts on popular laptops, they’re usually very limited-supply offers. Not to mention, it’s only one day of the year. 😪

So what if you want to save big on a laptop any other time of the year? For that, we have to look at refurbished laptops and compare their prices to the prices of new laptops during Cyber Monday.

Are the Cyber Monday laptop UK prices much cheaper?

Many Windows and Macbooks will be on sale for Cyber Monday 2022. But judging by the sales that happened during Cyber Monday 2021, they won’t actually be that much cheaper. 

We’d guess that the average price cut on a Cyber Monday laptop is around 15% from its regular retail price. Obviously, it depends on the particular model and retailer, but that’s our rough estimation looking at the 2021 offers. 

If you’re looking for the absolute best laptop money can buy, sure, it might be worth waiting since even 15% would be a big reduction off a $2,000 laptop.

However, we don’t think most people need the absolute best laptop money can buy. Most people just need good performance in a portable form factor. ❗ Don’t be sold on an expensive computer if you just need something for school or work, watching videos, maybe some light gaming, etc.

Unfortunately, most of those budget-friendly laptops don’t get great discounts during Cyber Monday. Fortunately, thanks to the shoppers who think it’s necessary to buy a new laptop every year, slightly older second-hand laptops are much cheaper elsewhere: refurbished marketplaces.

If you compare the price of a new current-edition laptop to its refurbished previous-generation version – now you’re looking at big savings. Here on Back Market, you can expect to save 30-70% on a refurbished laptop compared to new prices. 😲

Again, these are laptops that are just as capable and reliable as new laptops! We dou