Black Friday 2023

2023 Black Friday phone deals: is Black Friday really a good time to buy a new phone?

Updated on 25 October, 2023 - On the lookout for a new phone this year? Then Black Friday is the ideal time for some, whilst others prefer to avoid the Black Friday rush like the plague (thank God for online shopping today). We dive deep into understanding whether Black Friday really is the best time to buy a new mobile phone or whether in fact there are better times of the year instead, read below to get the answer you’ve been looking for.

What are the best Black Friday phone deals we can expect in 2023?

Based on last year’s offers, we saw a lot of network providers offer all sorts of deals when buying a new smartphone, from no upfront costs, to free limited airtime, to complimentary Netflix access and other freebies like a tablet or product bundles - people do crazy things when it comes to sales! This year, we're currently seeing bit more of the same with complimentary streaming services added to your smartphone deal, as well as minimal upfront costs, and discount off accessories:

  • John Lewis - across all iPhone products appears to be 20% off Apple EarPods (USB-C), plus 3-months free of Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade. Across a variety of Samsung smartphones there is 6-months free Disney+ or a free Buds2 Pro earphones offered. And with Motorola smartphones, you can claim free Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds 2.

  • Mobile Phones Direct - across all iPhones are 3-months free of Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+, and Apple Arcade. Samsung smartphones come with 6-months free Disney+ streaming service. Google Pixel smartphones are offered with savings on massive internet data packages (350GB).

  • - Apple iPhones are offered the chance to rollover unused data for free. Samsung Smartphones come equipped with 12-months free Disney+ streaming. Vodafone and iD mobile network are offering discounted sim-only deals and cashback.

  • Amazon, Argos, and Currys - savings on a selection of smartphones

  • Three and EE - savings contracts/plans

While all of this can sound like a bargain, not everyone actually needs a new pair of earphones, or free limited subscription to streaming services. A lot of it sounds like a cross-promotion of other services! This is precisely the reason why we’re against Black Friday to begin with. We just hope if people are in search of a new device, they go refurbished and promote the circular economy to prevent electronic waste - you’ll be doing not only the planet a huge favour, but also your wallet 😉.

What iPhone Black Friday deals will there be this year?

With the launch of the new iPhone 15, Apple watch Ultra 2, and 9 series, announced at the September Apple Event, you can expect further drops from retailers on the older models such as:

Apple is no longer selling the iPhone 14 Pro models, and this was the case for the 13 series and 12 series long before, causing even further drops to make them as appealing as possible to the budget-friendly consumer audience. Lucky for you, you can still get a cheap iPhone 14 Pro refurbished at Back Market, and the same applies to our refurbished iPhone 14 Pro Max models. Furthermore, expect the price for a refurbished iPhone 11 to be more affordable than ever!