Black Friday 2023

3 tips for getting the best earbuds on Black Friday 2023 (and every other Friday too!)

Updated on 29 October, 2023 - Who said Black Friday is the best time to buy earbuds? It’s time to ‘wake up and smell the morning coffee’ because I hate to break it to ya, but you could have got a sweet deal much earlier than Black Friday! Follow this guide for 3 helpful tips on how to get the best earbud deals on any other day, than just Black Friday!

3 tips to get the best Black Friday wireless earbuds deal?

  1. Don’t buy from manufacturers directly during Black Friday

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you were hoping for Apple, Bose or Sony to announce some Black Friday discounts, then you would be bitterly disappointed. Put it this way, if Apple were to announce a Black Friday sale, then that would literally be the first time ever and monumental moment in Apple history! (Hopefully that paints the picture clearly 🖼️).

    However, if you’re still looking for cheap AirPods, Bose QuietComfort or Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds, then third party retailers like Currys, Amazon, and Back Market (for even lower prices) is the way to go. 

  2. Expect better deals on the older models rather than the newer ones! 

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Black Friday is mainly for retailers to get rid of old stock and make space for the newer models (which won’t be as heavily discounted).

    Older models may be missing an enhancement or two in comparison to their successor, but for a cheaper price you probably can’t expect it to be as good. Which is why if you’re planning to buy an older model, then why settle for a small discount when Back Market can give you up to 70% discount off from brand new prices for a refurbished model instead. It just makes better financial sense to pay the cheapest possible for an older model! 

  3. Do your research before pulling the trigger

    When I say trigger, I mean the ‘buy now’ button! Not to state the obvious, but if you want the best deal then some window shopping is necessary to give you the confidence that you’ve searched far and wide for the best deal possible. However, I am certain you won’t get the best deal if it’s not from Back Market 😉

When do deals for earbuds on Black Friday start in 2023?

Technically, Black Friday this year will fall on the 24th of November. However, if retail history is anything to go by, then you can expect Black Friday deals from some retailers to start surfacing offers from the beginning of November, and then almost all major retailers advertise prominently during the Black Friday week from the 20th of November.

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