Black Friday 2023

Which coffee machine is worth buying on Black Friday 2023?

Published on November 10, 2023 - Have you ever thought about buying a coffee machine? If Black Friday was your reason to start looking, then you may not have heard of refurbished coffee machines before, because with a refurbished coffee machine, you wouldn't have to wait for Black Friday to get unbelievable savings. Find out what we mean below.

Is it worth buying a coffee machine on Black Friday?

With Black Friday just around the corner, you're probably thinking it's the best time to buy a new coffee machine. However, what if we told you that you'll find the best deals all year round instead of just Black Friday. How is that, you ask?

At Back Market you will find refurbished coffee machines, bean-to-cup machines and capsule machines. Refurbished or reconditioned does not always mean that they have had a previous owner, they are often B-goods or exhibition goods.

These are our three TOP coffee machine brands & offers for you:

  1. Coffee maker with grinder Sage The Barista Express BES875 - starting from £402*

  2. Espresso machine Sage The Bambino SES450BSS - starting from £184.99*

  3. Coffee maker Caso 1846 - starting from £59.99*

*Prices checked on 10/11/2023

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What are the differences between coffee machines?

To make your purchase decision easier, we would first like to briefly introduce you to the most important machine types. This will help you make the right decision for you:

  • The filter coffee machine is the classic office machine in which a disposable filter and coffee powder are inserted at the top and black coffee usually runs into a pot at the bottom.

  • With the espresso machine or portafilter machine, the coffee powder is screwed onto the machine with a sieve. Hot water is then pressed through the sieve and the coffee powder

  • With capsule machines, plastic capsules with different flavours are inserted into the machine. They usually work automatically. The best-known brand here is Nespresso. For all those for whom sustainability is important: there are also reusable capsules that can be used several times.

  • With a fully automatic coffee machine, whole coffee beans are placed in the machine and ground by the machine. These large machines can be used to produce a range of different coffee drinks.

We have summarised the advantages and disadvantages of the different machine types for you here:

Machine type



Filter coffee machine

You can usually make large quantities of coffee at once

They are usually very cheap and available from as little as £20

They are usually quite low maintenance

The machine itself can usually only produce black coffee

The so-called over-extraction, where the water powder is in contact with the water for too long, can lead to a bit