Black Friday 2023

Discover why Samsung Tablets on Black Friday 2023 deals just makes sense!

Updated on 2 November, 2023 - Are you one of those ‘you’re either Apple or Android’ type of people? If you’ve never experienced a Samsung product ever, then maybe Black Friday is the perfect time to try one out. I mean there is a life outside of Apple right? So why not - because it could be the best decision you ever made! In this guide, we’ll show what life can look like with a Samsung tablet and how you can own one by taking advantage of the Black Friday deals, or better yet - Back Market’s cheap deals!

First of all, why consider a Samsung tablet over an iPad?

This is an age-old rivalry where arguably, Samsung and Apple have been the 2 most successful brands across a variety of consumer electronics. The tablet market is another front where both brands are head-to-head in sales and popularity. Lets see how Samsung tablets fare across a number of features to the iPad.

💾 Storage

A popular feature that Samsung had over Apple was the ability to add an SD slot. And this is still the case with their tablet. Many default storage systems between the Samsung tablet and iPad offer comparable storage, but with Samsung you can at least customise your storage option and potentially use multiple SD cards (one after another). However, Apple recognised this flexibility and came up with their own cloud storage feature to combat this.

✏️ Stylus

Both brands offer their own electronic pencil for tablets. Both perform exceedingly well with their tablet, but the only benefit that Samsung has over Apple is that the Samsung S-Pen comes bundled together whereas Apple expects you to buy this as an additional accessory💸💸💸.

📱 Apps

Since Samsung is a popular brand, developers recognise the demand for apps to be optimised for the Samsung tablet and not just focus purely on Apple. As such, you can expect almost all the same apps you find on the Apple store to also exist on the Google Play store - so there’s no loss here!

⚖️ Conclusion

It’s no surprise that whatever the iPad can do, the Samsung tablet can do also, making it a choice of personal preference. However, it is worth noting that Samsung tablets excel in terms of freedom, customisation, and functionality for a much cheaper price. Thus a lot choose Samsung tablets for the value for money aspect, and with Black Friday around the corner, you can really score a steal on any old Samsung tablet model to really convince yourself.