Best Student Deals in 2022 for Back to School

As the new school year approaches, you need to make sure you have all the right tech bought ahead of time. For the new school year, we have made a small selection of good student deals with student discounts on Apple products in particular! As a student, you’re entitled to a 5% discount on the entire catalogue of the Back Market site - that’s a further discount on all of our refurbished products which are already on average between 30% and 70% cheaper than buying new.

Everything you need for Back to School 2022 at Back Market

5% Student Discount Sitewide

No matter which product appeals to you, as a student you benefit from a 5% promo code on the entire Back Market site. It's a bit like our student rate. Explore the rest of our back to school promo here.

MacBook or iPad for your studies?

If we stick to the basics of 2.0 school supplies, you will definitely need a tool for writing your essays and internet research. In our Apple range, you have two solutions: a MacBook or an iPad (with keyboard).

Basically, it comes down to this: an iPad is lighter and cheaper, but it has less storage, a single USB-C port, less battery life and it may lack the flexibility for all types of productivity tools when restricted to one operating system for certain applications. If that's inconvenient for you, we recommend investing in a MacBook instead. 

In detail:

  • Screen: iPads and MacBooks are all equipped with a Retina screen, no distinction at this level. For older models, MacBook Pros are the best.

  • Storage: If you don't want to bet everything on the cloud, the MacBook Air and Pro have a clear advantage here. In any case, do not buy less than 128 GB.

  • Performance: Unless you buy the latest iPad Pro, MacBook Pros have a performance advantage.

  • Connectivity: You will need adapters in both cases, but MacBooks have more ports.

  • Working comfortably: the iPad is more compact than the MacBook, but the external keyboard makes transport less convenient (unless you buy the magic keyboard for the iPad). The MacBook is a better compromise, unless you don't mind a touchscreen keyboard.

It is up to you to make your choice. In any case, you will find refurbished iPads and MacBooks, in perfect working order at Back Market, and 30%-70% cheaper than new.

What is the best MacBook for students?

Since MacBooks are a more popular choice, let's go into a little more detail; what are the criteria for buying a MacBook? The main differences between a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro are screen size, weight, and performance:

  • The MacBook Air is light (…like air) and generally less expensive.

  • The MacBook Pro has a bigger screen and it has more power. 

The MacBook Air is more suitable for simple office work, such as taking notes or browsing the Internet. If you need a little more power, for more demanding tasks (graphics work for example, or games), opt for a MacBook Pro instead. It's up to you which suits you best, but when choosing your model, consider maximizing CPU power, RAM, and storage. For more information about the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, read our dedicated article here.