We’ve prevented 1 million tonnes of carbon emissions

Updated on 28 June 2023

Thanks to you. Published Apr 12, 2023 - Does choosing Back Market really prevent environmental damage? It definitely does, all thanks to purchases made by you. We've just hit 1 million tonnes of prevented CO2e.

Our avoided carbon emission just hit 7 figures

We’ve prevented 1 million tonnes of carbon emission (CO2e) from entering the atmosphere — all thanks to you. Every purchase made through Back Market, whether for a smartphone or for a tablet, helps avoid environmental damage. We’re grateful, cause 1 million tonnes is a major milestone. After all, lots of things never hit a million, like one-hit wonders, the mileage on your first car, or the number of steps you can take in a day.

Where does 1 million come from?

Every purchase really adds up. This number was calculated using only the categories of devices that were included in the ADEME study: smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. While we have a pretty strong gut feeling that other tech listed on Back Market — like baby monitors and gaming consoles — also prevents additional environmental damage, we don’t include that in this number because we don’t have concrete scientific data (yet).

Where do we go from here?

Just because we hit a million doesn’t mean the work is over. In 2022, manufacturers shipped 1.21 billion smartphones globally, generating roughly 223.3 billion carbon emissions. Considering the world population is about 8 billion, the simple choice of choosing refurbished over brand new can make a sizeable dent in helping the environment. So here’s to one small choice, one big impact.


Written by HaziqTech Expert for Back Market UK, Ireland & Australia

When not fighting the good fight for environmental sustainability, Haziq loves making reviews of everything and anything tech-related.

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