Is Back Market Legit?

Wondering if Back Market is legit? Check out what others are saying about Back Market. Read these real reviews and find out if Back Market is indeed legit and safe to use?.

Lots of people are asking if Back Market is legit

Is Back Market legit? Not to do a whole influencer-energy thing, but lots of people are asking this question. Since we are Back Market, of course we’re going to say that Back Market is legit! But we know there is a lot of information floating out there on the web and articles talking about us, so we just wanted to point you to a few trustworthy sources. These reviews from well-known websites will paint an accurate picture of what it’s like to buy and use a product from Back Market. We also encourage everyone to read reviews from real Back Market customers of course too!

How good are our mint condition products?

There are a lot of websites writing about, but not many have actually reviewed one of our mint condition products. So here we just wanted to highlight a few trustworthy sites that have done the legwork for you: iMore, The Inventory, and Forbes took the time to review our phones and answer the question that everybody wants to know the answer to: is Back Market legit?

iMore finds out if Back Market is legit

iMore got their hands on one of our iPhone 11s for sale, and you can check out what they thought about our whole buying experience by checking out the following link:

iMore decides if Back Market is legit