Samsung S20 comparison: Samsung S20 FE, S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra 5G?

Are you hesitating on which Samsung smartphone to buy, between the Samsung S20, the Samsung S20 FE, the Samsung S20+ or the Samsung S20 Ultra? Our comparison article here will help you choose!

Which Samsung S20 is best for which use?

There's no doubt about it: with the S20, Samsung presented one of the best devices on the smartphone market worldwide, competing with popular models from Huawei and Apple. In March 2020, the current flagship was released, representing the 11th Galaxy S series: the Samsung S20. That’s the standard model in the series, however, many other versions have since appeared, such as the much more professional Samsung S20 Plus, the Samsung S20 FE (Fan Edition) and the Samsung S20 Ultra 5G. Here you can find out what the differences between them are and which device is most suitable for your needs.

Who is the Samsung S20 suitable for? The standard version

🖥️ What kind of display does the Samsung S20 have?

The standard Samsung Galaxy S20 is already an excellent smartphone. Its AMOLED Infinity O-Dynamic screen displays images and videos with great clarity, depth and vibrancy. The Samsung Galaxy S20 can display 1400/1080 x 2400 pixels in 20:9 format. Other Samsung Galaxy S20 models also live up to these standards.

📱 How big is the Samsung S20?

Size is one of the main differences between the different Samsung S20 models. The S20's screen is 6.2 inches, the smallest in the series. In ascending order, the series features the S20 FE with 6.5 inches, the S20 Plus with 6.7 inches and the S20 Ultra with 6.9 inches. However, the classic S20 size is still popular with those who like one-handed use and want the device to fit comfortably in their pocket.

📷 What is the camera quality for the Samsung S20?

Samsung includes three cameras in the S20 - 12MP wide angle and ultra wide angle as well as a 64MP telephoto lens. The front camera takes high-quality 10MP selfies. Thanks to automatic HDR, the image information is enhanced, and it’s also possible to capture videos in 4K.

🔋 What is the battery life of the Samsung S20?

The Samsung S20 is powered by a Samsung Exynos 990 - while in Asia and the US, Samsung uses the top-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. Both chips impress with eight cores and clock speeds of up to 2.73 and 2.84 GHz, respectively. If you're looking to buy the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20, be sure to look at Back Market to see which region it's designed for. RAM is either 8GB or 12GB LPDDR5. And for internal storage, you have 128GB UFS 3.0. The battery has a total power of 4000 mAh and can be charged quickly via Fast Charging. The battery life is about 8 hours in continuous use.

💸 What is the price of the Samsung S20?

How much does a Galaxy S20 cost? Well, if you choose a refurbished Samsung S20, you can buy it with 128GB in grey without a contract for under £250 in decent condition. If you opt for “Excellent” condition, you can buy it for under £350. Prices may differ slightly, as different qualified retailers offer their smartphones on our website.

🎨 What colours does the Samsung S20 come in?

The Galaxy S20 is available in four different colours: Blue, Cloud Pink, Cloud White and Cosmic Grey.


What are the advantages of the Samsung S20 Plus? The version for professionals

The Samsung S20 Plus is a Samsung Galaxy S20 model that can convince those that need extended functionality. Those who often use social media and who often broadcast and upload videos will likely prefer this version to the Samsung Galaxy S20.

🔋 What is the battery life of the Samsung S20 Plus?

The battery life of the S20 Plus is better thanks to the higher capacity of its battery (4500 mAh). However, the device only lasts a little longer than the S20, due to its higher power consumption. There are no differences between the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and the S20 in terms of RAM and processor. On the other hand, the S20 Plus is also available with an extended memory of up to 512 GB UFS 3.0. In addition, SD cards with a capacity of up to 1 TB can be inserted.

📷 How good is the Samsung S20 Plus?

The two 12MP lenses (wide angle and ultra wide angle) and 64MP telephoto lens are also present in the S20 Plus. The front camera takes selfies with 10MP just like the standard S20 too. In addition, there is a 3D camera system (ToF) that can measure distances for AR uses.