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  • R

    Roger S.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 22 October 2023

    So far so good, I chose a good condition Galaxy S20 5G and received it the day after. It looked almost new with only one barely discernable mark on the case, and appears to be working fine so far. I spent some time trying to find out if I could use mt existing fast charger as Samsung seem to want you to only use their charger. It would be good if Back Market gave some guidance on chargers as they don't supply them with the reconditioned phones.
    Galaxy S20 5G 128GB - Grey - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Purchased on the 9 October 2023

  • H

    Heather M.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 17 October 2023

    Girlfriend got an excellent laptop from backmarket, no problems. Sadly the phone I was sent (Galaxy S20 5G) looked perfect but restarted about 30 times and overheated constantly for the first 2 days. It settled after a week but I sent it back for refurbishment considering I bought it for excellent condition. The seller refunded me the full amount including part of my insurance fee, which I am pleased with although I now have the rigmarole of ordering another phone. I will be ordering from backmarket again because I think they're a good site, this was hopefully just unfortunate. I don't recommend the seller BEST4TECH.
    Galaxy S20 5G 128GB - Pink - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Purchased on the 23 September 2023

  • A

    Anna K.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 7 October 2023

    So far I'm really stoked with my phone, I forget that it's not brand new to be honest. I don't believe in buying new phones that require replacing every 2 years and fund child slavery and mining and cost 4 figures. My boyfriends phone was from Back Market and his was pristine and still going strong so I had a look and found my dream pink samsung for an amazing price. It had a few scratches on one metal side (now hidden by my case) but other than that it's beautiful. It's also been working like a dream, no issues or signs that it's not fresh out the box. The charger cable I received is very slow so I keep it at work as back up, and use my own one. I've been telling my friends about my refurbished phone to encourage them to consider a more ethical option when they need to upgrade!
    Galaxy S20 5G 128GB - Pink - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Purchased on the 18 September 2023

  • R

    Rosie S.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 16 June 2023

    I actually can't believe how successful this has been - why isn't everyone just buying refurbished phones?? It was reasonably priced and has arrived like new, it's like 2 years "out of date" so not even that old a model. This is the way forward and I don't think I'll ever buy a new phone again. Such a simple way to care for the planet, so there is literally no downside.
    Galaxy S20 5G 128GB - Blue - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Purchased on the 28 May 2023

  • A

    Ajay R.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 24 September 2023

    Very happy with the quality of the product I have received. Backmarket is very well organised and informative. Really does help save us money by allowing us to purchase refurbished phones that still work perfectly, but not at the exorbitant prices that new phones are sold for. I also really enjoyed the option for different levels of quality, colour options etc. which alter the price very fairly. Overall very satisfied with it all. I will come back here in future, no need for new phones anymore as far as I am concerned.
    Galaxy S20 5G 128GB - Grey - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Purchased on the 10 September 2023

  • A

    Alice A.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 20 September 2023

    The phone was rated as "very good" but it loked as it was brand new. Almost a year later unfortunately the screen started flashing and I had to send it back to be fixed, at no cost as the warranty was still valid. They couldn't fix it nor send me a replacement, hence I got a full refund, and the whole process took just few days. I'm really impressed by the service, and just ordered a "new" refurbished phone!
    Galaxy S20 5G 128GB - Grey - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Purchased on the 21 November 2022

  • J

    Jonathan F.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 5 November 2023

    This is my first experience of buying a refurbished phone. It arrived quickly and was in great condition. During the first day I was concerned about battery life but after all the apps and systems finished updating this was no longer a concern. The phone is really good. But in fairness having paid £230 for a second hand handset - it needed to be. The communication from Back Market has been good too. However, post putchase, I'm now getting too many marketing emails from them. Other than this I will use them again the next time I need to replace my phone.
    Galaxy S20 5G 128GB - Grey - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Purchased on the 20 October 2023

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