Black Friday 2023

Guide to Black Friday Kitchen Deals – and Beyond!

Published on November, 17 2023 - No more waiting for Black Friday! We've got the hottest kitchen deals, not just on one manic day, but every day. At Back Market, every day is a sale day for your kitchen desires!

What’s Black Friday All About? A Sneak Peek into 2023's Kitchen Deals

Black Friday is every retailer’s favourite time of year to start offering customers some great bargains on top products. Usually an online shopping phenomenon in the UK, Black Friday traditionally kicks off on the fourth Friday of November, leading in the festive period with a bang. With discounts that are probably making you reach for your wallet ASAP, Black Friday has become the day when savvy shoppers can snag more products at phenomenal prices. But at Back Market, we believe you don't have to wait for one day to seize fantastic deals. Let's rewind to 2022 and unearth the gems we discovered, giving you a taste of what's in store this Black Friday 2023.

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The Flashiest Kitchen Deals: What's Hot Right Now?

Kitchen appliance deals are already looking spicy, so you don’t have to wait for Black Friday to get your hands on the goodies. As of now, various UK retailers are still offering some bargains on well-known brands, and we've got the inside scoop for you:

Le Creuset: Looking to impress guests with your fancy stoneware? Dive into Le Creuset’s discounts this year. From sleek blenders to cutting-edge coffee makers, they've got your kitchen covered with discounts at around 30%. Amazon: For those who appreciate a wide range of options to choose from, Amazon is offering discounts on so many great kitchenware brands. Save up to 30% on electric cookware and hot beverage items from Ninja, Tefal, Cosori, De’Longhi, and more. Indulge yourself in some culinary treats without burning a hole in your pocket. Argos: Upgrade your kitchen game with Argos’ exclusive Black Friday deals on premium cookware. Unleash your inner chef and save 25% on your culinary splurge.

Now, here's where it gets even more exciting. At Back Market, we're not just about the latest deals; we're about sustainable choices that don't cost the Earth. Design your dream kitchen with our refurbished range! Discover our high-quality, pre-loved kitchen appliances deals. From mixers to microwaves, we've got your kitchen upgrade covered. At Back Market, every day is a chance to find that indulgent coffee machine or ice cream machine without breaking the bank.

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Answering Your Burning Questions About Black Friday Kitchen Deals


When will Black Friday kitchen deals start in 2023?

Black Friday in 2023 is set to kickstart a load of great deals from kitchen brands, and it begins as early as mid-November. While the official date is November 24th, some retailers like to drop their deals a bit earlier. Judging by previous years, Black Friday might commence in the days leading up to the big day!


Where to find Black Friday kitchen deals?

When it comes to Black Friday kitchen bargains, several retailers are known to roll out the red carpet for kitchen enthusiasts. Among them are Le Creuset, renowned for their exclusive appliance discounts, and Amazon, where you can snag top-tier cookware at great prices. For a tech-savvy kitchen upgrade, don't forget to check out Argos’ offerings. Keep your eyes peeled on these hotspots, and you might just find the kitchen deal of your dreams.


What Black Friday kitchen deals can we expect in 2023?

Every year, brands try outdoing each other when it comes to the latest kitchenware, and 2023 is no exception. With the release of cutting-edge models and sleek innovations, prices are poised to drop. In 2022, we witnessed discounts of at least 20% on kitchen wonders from major retailers like Le Creuset, Amazon, and Argos. Building on this, we anticipate even juicier deals this Black Friday. Picture this: a brand-new Philips L'or Barista Coffee Capsule Machine at a 19% discount – an offer surely few will resist. Based on the current market prices, you're in for a treat. Prepare your kitchen wish-list, as we revisit some of the smartest deals we saw back in 2022.

Reliving the Culinary Delights: Best Kitchen Deals of 2022

Let's check out some of the greatest savings we saw during last year’s Black Friday – there were many. We were spoilt for choice when it came to a wide range of discounts, and here's a taste of what Le Creuset, Amazon and Argos brought to the table:

Le Creuset: During 2022 Black Friday, Le Creuset got us excited with discounts at around 30% off on a range of appliances. Renowned for their stoneware as well as blenders and coffee makers, this was the chance to snag something special. More specifically, during 2022 Black Friday, the Toughened Non-Stick 6-Piece Cookware Set was reduced to £529, saving £376. Amazon: Amazon also took part with discounts ranging from 10% up to 45% on selected kitchen essentials. It was the perfect moment for those looking for upgrades of their culinary arsenal. Back then, you could find the Instant Pot Pro Crisp 11-in-1 Electric Multi Cooker, reduced to £169.99, that is a saving of £80 versus the original price. Argos: Meanwhile, Argos stepped up to the plate with exclusive deals on premium cookware. It was a dream come true for aspiring chefs who could find the Siemens TE651209GB EQ6 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine for just £449.

Now, looking ahead to 2023, we're forecasting even tastier deals. While these retailers are sure to whip up some enticing offers, at Back Market, our refurbished kitchen range steals the spotlight with discounts ranging from 30% to 50% off. Picture this: a high-quality coffee maker with grinder Sage The Barista Express BES875 with a 32% discount, making it a delectable choice without breaking the bank. As we relish the memories of 2022, we're confident that Back Market's kitchen deals for 2023 are set to meet your expectations.

The Culinary Countdown: What to Expect This Black Friday

As we gear up for Black Friday 2023, we imagine you’re fizzing with anticipation. Here's a roundup of the kitchen wonders we can expect from top retailers, based on the previous offers of 2022:

Le Creuset: Le Creuset will be back again with fantastic offers on a wide range of high-end products. Amazon: For those who enjoy selecting from an eclectic range of brands including affordable basics, Amazon is a good choice. There you can find a wide array of discounts on selected kitchen essentials. Argos: Argos too will likely have some exclusive deals on premium cookware. Expect discounts of circa 25% on your journey to culinary greatness.

While these deals are on the horizon, we ask you to consider the deals you can get on refurbished appliances. At Back Market, we're not just offering discounts; we're providing a sustainable, cost-effective alternative that won't compromise on quality. Our refurbished kitchen range boasts prices 30% to 50% off the price of buying new, making it a naturally cheaper option. More than just a great deal, buying refurbished is an environmentally conscious choice that contributes to reducing electronic waste ♻ 🍃🌱.

Explore more refurbished kitchen deals below:

And here's the cherry on top: just like the new products you'd find on Black Friday, our refurbished kitchens come with a 30-day return policy and a 1-year guarantee. So, not only do you save money, but you also shop with confidence, knowing you're protected.

As the Black Friday hype crescendos, it's essential to pause and consider the impact of consumerism on our planet and our wallets. At Back Market, we invite you to join us in a more sustainable, budget-friendly approach to upgrading your kitchen. Black Friday may be one day, but our commitment to providing the best deals on refurbished kitchens is a year-round affair. Because at Back Market, we believe in making every day a Black Friday for your wallet and the planet. Cheers to a smarter, greener, and tastier kitchen upgrade!


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