The iPhone 7 is kinda old, but I still want one for Black Friday

Want an iPhone 7 for Black Friday? Don't think about all those people lusting over the newest iPhone, this phone will give you much more value for your hard-earned pound.

Black Friday iPhone 7 deals
Do you live life on the edge?

I’m pretty careless with my phone. And I don’t like using a protective case. Therefore the Black Friday iPhone 7 is perfect for me.

Who would love an iPhone 7 this Black Friday?

I’m reckless with my phone; I don’t like having the latest and greatest iPhone just in case I drop it. Maybe you know somebody who has similar iPhone usage habits. If so, the iPhone 7 really is one of the best iPhones you can buy this Black Friday for this kind of person.

Black Friday iPhone 7 Plus deals
How much is an iPhone 7 for Black Friday 2020?

Yeah, I mean let’s be straight up: the price of this thing is pretty insane. As you probably already saw yourself, you can get one of these phones for around $100, which doesn’t seem real. This is an iPhone that’s running iOS 14, just like the newest iPhone 12, but it only costs around $100. I don’t even know how that’s possible but welcome to Back Market and say hello to the grand idea of buying refurbished iPhones :D

Refurbished iPhones are better for the environment and better in general

Manufacturing new iPhones isn’t exactly great for the environment. Did you know that roughly 55kg of CO2 is produced as a byproduct of manufacturing just a single iPhone? That’s about the equivalent of burning 6 gallons worth of gas. And that’s just the start.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the production of new iPhones, it’s sad but the unfortunate truth that our favorite tech devices aren’t really so good for our planet. But there’s a way we can offset this damage: buying a refurbished iPhone 7 for Black Friday :D

Yes yes, this is just one purchase, and buying one refurbished iPhone won’t save the world overnight, but it may be part of changing the narrative of overconsumption. It’s annoying how everybody always wants to brag about having the newest iPhone or Apple Watch. Tech is cool—we agree—but polar bears are cooler. And so are penguins. And so is our planet. And you’ll be cooler if you buy a Black Friday iPhone 7 than if you overspend on a new iPhone.

Brian Back Market
By Brian, Marketing Manager Back Market UK & Ireland

When not talking about the latest eco-friendly tech and reducing our carbon footprint, Brian enjoys the odd game of football, a classic horror (book or film) or just to kick back with a beer or a proper Scottish whisky. Slàinte Mhath!

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