Black Friday 2023

Serving Up the Best Year-Round Black Friday Cooker Deals

Published on 17 November, 2023 - Why wait for Black Friday when every day can be a deal day? At Back Market, the heat is always on with cooker deals up to 50% off, no waiting required!

A Snapshot of Deals in the Past and a Glimpse into 2023 Deals to come

Black Friday is the day when the entire nation collectively shifts into shopping overdrive, hunting for those irresistible deals. This year, Black Friday falls on November 24th, and the excitement is already building up. But here at Back Market, we're not ones to conform to the usual frenzy. Instead, we're taking you on a journey through the deals of this year (and last), providing a tantalising preview of what you can expect when 2023’s Black Friday comes around.

Sizzling Deals on Cookers: Where to Find the Best Bargains Today

If you consider yourself a bit of a kitchen wizard, getting your hands on the perfect cooker is probably high up on the list. Lucky for you, we've sourced the hottest deals on cookers currently gracing the market. If you're in the mood for some immediate kitchen magic, check out these ongoing offers:

Currys: First up, Currys have some enticing discounts for you this year. For instance, find the Hisense HDE3211BBUK 60cm Electric Ceramic Cooker at 24% off. Amazon: For those with a taste for sleek designs, Amazon is slashing prices by 23% on premium cookers. Explore the Amazon’s offerings and let style meet functionality with the Indesit 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker. John Lewis: Looking for a deal that’s as hot as your culinary prowess?John Lewis is continuing to offer exclusive discounts.

But here at Back Market, we sort of consider ourselves the main dish. Why’s that? We’re not just about deals – we're about sustainable, wallet-friendly solutions. Our range of refurbished cookers not only meets your culinary needs but also helps reduce electronic waste. Explore our cooker deals and find one you can count on for impressing the guests, while being environmentally conscious. The best part? Our prices are as sizzling.

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