Black Friday 2023

Serving Up the Best Year-Round Black Friday Cooker Deals

Updated on 17 November 2023

Published on 17 November, 2023 - Why wait for Black Friday when every day can be a deal day? At Back Market, the heat is always on with cooker deals up to 50% off, no waiting required!

A Snapshot of Deals in the Past and a Glimpse into 2023 Deals to come

Black Friday is the day when the entire nation collectively shifts into shopping overdrive, hunting for those irresistible deals. This year, Black Friday falls on November 24th, and the excitement is already building up. But here at Back Market, we're not ones to conform to the usual frenzy. Instead, we're taking you on a journey through the deals of this year (and last), providing a tantalising preview of what you can expect when 2023’s Black Friday comes around.

Sizzling Deals on Cookers: Where to Find the Best Bargains Today

If you consider yourself a bit of a kitchen wizard, getting your hands on the perfect cooker is probably high up on the list. Lucky for you, we've sourced the hottest deals on cookers currently gracing the market. If you're in the mood for some immediate kitchen magic, check out these ongoing offers:

Currys: First up, Currys have some enticing discounts for you this year. For instance, find the Hisense HDE3211BBUK 60cm Electric Ceramic Cooker at 24% off. Amazon: For those with a taste for sleek designs, Amazon is slashing prices by 23% on premium cookers. Explore the Amazon’s offerings and let style meet functionality with the Indesit 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker. John Lewis: Looking for a deal that’s as hot as your culinary prowess?John Lewis is continuing to offer exclusive discounts.

But here at Back Market, we sort of consider ourselves the main dish. Why’s that? We’re not just about deals – we're about sustainable, wallet-friendly solutions. Our range of refurbished cookers not only meets your culinary needs but also helps reduce electronic waste. Explore our cooker deals and find one you can count on for impressing the guests, while being environmentally conscious. The best part? Our prices are as sizzling.

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Cooker Black Friday Deals FAQs


When will Black Friday cooker deals start in 2023?

When it comes to Black Friday cooker deals, the market is practically bursting with discounts. Keep a keen eye on major retailers like Currys, Amazon, and John Lewis, as they may launch discounts as early as mid-November. Online marketplaces like eBay are also known to join the culinary celebration, offering an array of deals to satisfy every kitchen connoisseur's palate.


Where to find Black Friday cooker deals?

In fact, several major retailers have a habit of going all out. Check out the usual suspects like Amazon, John Lewis and Currys PC World. They've all been known to have some enticing offers in the past. Of course, don't forget Back Market, where you can snag incredible deals on refurbished cookers all year round and do your part for a more sustainable tech future.


What Black Friday cooker deals can we expect in 2023?

In 2023, the cooker landscape is evolving with the introduction of cutting-edge models. We're keeping our ears to the ground for the latest releases that could shake up the market. Reflecting on Black Friday 2022, where discounts ranged from 15% to 25% on select models, we're expecting some hot opportunities this year too. Based on current prices, we're forecasting more reductions, similar to Black Friday 2022 figures. Below, we’ve provided you with a taste of the deals you could expect to find last year…

Flashback to Past Culinary Delights: Best Cooker Deals of 2022

Let's revisit what we thought were the most sensational Black Friday cooker deals in 2022. As expected, we discovered many excellent discounts from big stores and household names:

Currys: In 2022, they dished out an appetising 20% off on select cookers, such as the TEFAL ActiFry Genius XL AH960840 Air Fryer. This cooker went from £249 to £199, leaving customers hungry for more. Amazon: Last year, this retailer piqued our interest with a generous 40% off on premium cookers. John Lewis: Known for their flair in the kitchen, they tantalised us with a 20% discount on a variety of cookers in 2022.

As we zoom back into 2023, keep in mind that these predictions are just a taste of what's to come. However, at Back Market, our commitment to sustainable deals remains unbeatable, with prices ranging from 30% to 50% off the price of new offers. So, while we're reminiscing about the past, we're also setting the stage for an even more delectable future, one where you don't just save money, but also contribute to a greener, refurbished world. Bon appétit!

Cooker Chronicles: The Grand Finale

It's time for the grand finale, a sneak peek into the culinary wonders awaiting us this year. Here's a round-up of what to expect from some of the leading retailers:

Currys: Brace yourself for potential 20% discount on a wide selection of cookers. We think it’s worth hunting for a bargain. Amazon: Get ready to indulge with deals expected to start at 30% off premium cookers. With these generous deals, you’ll be donning your chef’s hat in no time. John Lewis: John Lewis plans to serve up an estimated 15% to 47% discount on their array of cookers. This means that depending on what you’re looking for, this means you might be able to snag a brand-new cooker for almost half its asking price. Not bad!

Now, let's talk about a smarter, more sustainable alternative. While Black Friday can leave your wallet feeling a bit leaner, there's a better way to satisfy your culinary cravings without burning a hole in your pocket. Opting for a refurbished cooker not only ensures a naturally cheaper price, but also contributes to a greener planet by reducing electronic waste.

Find more Cooker deals but at super-cheap prices with refurbished from Back Market:

At Back Market, we take pride in offering a curated selection of refurbished cookers with discounts ranging from 30% to 50% off the price of new offers. Embrace a guilt-free shopping experience, knowing that your choice is not just cost-effective, but also environmentally responsible. Worried about the quality? Fear not, our refurbished cookers are protected by a 30-day return policy and a 1-year guarantee, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

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In a world driven by consumerism, let's redefine the narrative. This Black Friday, join us in making conscious choices that benefit both your wallet and the planet 🌎. Say no to the hype and yes to sustainable, budget-friendly solutions. At Back Market, we're not just offering cookers, we're serving up a recipe for a better, refurbished future. Happy cooking! 😜


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