Black Friday 2023

Don't wait for Black Friday to have some quality toast - discover cheap toasters everyday here!

Updated on 2 November, 2023 - No kitchen is complete without a toaster - how else do you make an English breakfast in the morning? Make the perfect toast with our favourite toasters, and forget about waiting for Black Friday 2023 deals to get a good one - get your ideal toaster now with Back Market!

What to look out for when buying a toaster?

Aside from the obvious necessity to make toast for breakfast, a toaster serves as the perfect machine for making a quick snack, or heating anything bread related (buns, waffles, scones etc.) to compliment your meal. Features to certainly look out for when picking a toaster are:

🍞Quantity and size of bread compartments

You can select toasters with slots between 2 to 4 or even 8 depending on your requirements. Looking to serve toast for a family of 6? Then we recommend at least going for a toaster that provides at least 4 compartments. Size of the bread slot will matter too, if you like having thick toasts, then be wary of the slot dimensions upon selection.

🔥Heat settings / browning control 

Make sure you choose a toaster which can cater to different heat temperatures per bread compartments. This conveniently saves time on matching everyone’s toast preferences. Also, look out for are toasters that allow you to manually intervene at any moment if you think your toast is starting to get too brown!

🧼Easy to clean features

Toasters are notorious for leaving crumbs everywhere! Make sure you invest in a toaster which comes with a slide-out-tray feature, so that you can remove the crumbs more easily.

What Black Friday toaster deals can we expect in 2023?

Don’t expect heavily discounted prices based on last year’s trends. Supermarkets are known to only slash prices by a minor amount (between £5-£10) off normal prices. Big electronic marketplaces will have better offers, and you can expect discounts between £10-£25 off instead.

Which retailers are participating in Black Friday?

Since toast is a staple food in almost every British home, you can find plenty of retailers offering Black Friday deals such as your traditional supermarkets; Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys or Lidls. Online, and other electronic retailers to offer special Black Friday toaster deals are; Currys, Argos and Amazon (as per usual). 

We've listed some early Black Friday deals in the market for your fair overview, but in all honesty you won't find anything as good and as cheap when compared to Back Market's refurbished toaster deals. Prices checked on 02/11/2023:

  • Currys: receive savings on bundle deals when you buy a toaster across selected models

  • AO: savings up to £50 across selected toaster models

  • Very: savings up to £25 across selected toaster models

However, don’t feel you have to wait till Black Friday to fight for a good deal at these retailers. With Back Market, everyday we’re offering deals between 30%-50% off brand new, when you buy a refurbished toaster with us! Furthermore, receive a 1-year warranty and up to 30-days to change your mind. So why wait? Look for a Black Friday toaster deal with us now!

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Best toasters to look out for

🏆Sage, The Toast Select Luxe Toaster

A compact 2 slice toaster in a professional sleek design, that is equipped to fit in anyone’s kitchen. 

Top features:

  • 6 bread settings - choose between which type of bread you’re looking to toast, which are; white, brown, grain, fruit, rye and crumpet.

  • Suitable for different bread sizes - toast larger size bread, bagels, and dense pastries.   

  • Browning control - convenient LED indicator highlights the progress of the bread’s brownness.

  • Innovative auto features - offers a “Touch ‘A Bit More” and “A Quick Look” functions to keep you in full control of your bread’s toasting.

  • Easy cleaning - handy pull-out crumb tray at the front of the toaster, to make it as easy as possible to tip into the dustbin after.


  • 20.9 x 20 x 34.1 cm (WxDxH)

  • Brushed stainless steel coating

  • 2 slices bread capacity

  • 840-1000W of power

  • 220-240V~50-60Hz

🏆De'Longhi CTOV4003BG Toaster

Enjoy an icon of vintage Italian craftsmanship, the glossy cream 4-slice toaster

Top features:

  • Toast your bread to your taste with the 6 position progressive electronic browning control

  • Easily reheat or defrost with the integrated electronic controls

  • Add an exclusive touch of class to your kitchen with this elegant cream and mahogany Icona Vintage design

  • Crumb tray that is fully removable for easy cleaning

  • Extra lift position feature, designed for easy and safe removal of small bread slices


  • 325mm x 310mm x 205mm (WxDxH)

  • 4 slots

  • 3.1kg weight

  • Input power (W) of 1,800