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iPhone 11 64 GB - Black - Unlocked

11% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Aesthetic condition: Good
194 grams of e-waste saved

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15 products

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How to choose an iPhone 11

Why to choose an iPhone 11

Apple released its newest and possibly sleekest iPhone model in September 2019, …

194 grams.

In buying a Cheap Refurbished iPhone 11 Deals, you're helping prevent 194 grams of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 97 Pringles. Yum-o.

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Refurbished iPhone 11 deals at Back Market

If you thought being the owner of one of the latest Apple iPhones was beyond your reach, take a look at our fantastic deals. You can buy a refurbished iPhone 11 at up to 60% off the standard price.

Make your money go further with a refurbished iPhone 11

Why pay full price for an iPhone when you can get a cheap refurbished model for a great price? We’re selling the refurbished iPhone 11 as a genuine Apple product. To give you peace of mind, we’ll include a free one-year guarantee on every iPhone we sell. Every refurbished iPhone 11 on offer from Back Market has passed the detailed tests our technicians put it through. It will be like new but pre-owned.

Why choose a refurbished iPhone 11 that’s second-hand?

The incredibly cheap price we sell the refurbished iPhone 11 for, means you can own a top-of-the-range Apple smartphone without paying the full price for it. With its 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD screen and Bionic A13 chip, this is a high-performance device. Your phone will be like new as it’s been refurbished to our stringent standards. The previous owner may only have had the phone a short while, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of a nearly-new refurbished iPhone 11. And of course, the phone will be clean, with no trace of anyone else’s data.

Choose the quality of the refurbished iPhone 11 you want, along with the low price and one-year guarantee. We’ve got you covered!