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Apple Watch Series 6 review

Do you really need to buy the latest Apple Watch or can an older but still impressive Apple Watch Series 6 still do the job?

The Apple Watch from the 2020

When the Apple Watch Series 6 was launched in September 2020, it was one of the absolute top smartwatches to have in the industry. Basic innovations for the user didn't exist at the time - which, however, was hardly necessary when looking at the specifications.

In return, the manufacturer went one better in many disciplines, including those in which the Apple Watch Series 6 was already considered the flagship watch. How does the Apple Watch 6 perform in our review (compared to its predecessor and successor), and is it still worth buying today? How does it perform on the wrist during everyday activities? Do I need an iPhone? Do I buy consider the Apple Watch SE 1 instead?

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The Apple Watch Series 6 at a glance

Proven features meet far-reaching optimisations: With the Apple Watch Series 6, the manufacturer is primarily focusing on improving existing features of the watch. Some new functions are also on board for the user. But first things first: What can the Apple Watch 6 actually do and what is inside it?