Apple Watch 5 vs 6: Which one should I choose?

Which Apple Watch series should you choose between the Apple Watch 5 and the Apple Watch 6?

Which smartwatch should you choose?

Whether you're an athlete who likes to measure your performance digitally or you simply love high-tech products and are looking for a smartwatch, then you've probably already stumbled across the Apple Watch models. You've probably also noticed that there are several Apple Watch models and so you're interested in understanding their differences.

The newer versions are inevitably going to be better than their predecessors, but sometimes the slightly older smartwatches are still great options. Here at Back Market, we'll help you find the watch that suits you best without having to spend hours reading reviews.

Apple Watch 5 vs 6: price differences

What do you get for your money? 💸 That's bound to be a key question that’s on your mind. Let's go through both models in detail to find out.

  • The current price for an Apple Watch 5 refurbished in "good" condition with a 40mm sports strap is £214.. For that, you get the fancy aluminium silver case version, and a 12-month warranty from Back Market.

  • It gets more expensive with the Apple Watch 5 if you opt for a larger strap (44 mm). For example, the stainless steel 44mm Apple Watch Series 5 currently starts at £259 in the same "good" condition.

  • The renewed Apple Watch Series 6 40mm costs £279 in "excellent" condition. Prices vary because you have a few options for customisation: 40 mm or 44 mm for the strap size; aluminium, steel or titanium for the case; and different strap materials.

Do you also want to use your Apple Watch 6 to make calls? Then opt for the Apple Watch 6 with LTE (GPS + Cellular). It’ll cost you about £319 for the Apple Watch (Series 6) GPS + Cellular 40mm Aluminium Red with Sport Loop Band in Red.