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Apple Watch vs Garmin Watch: which refurbished smartwatch is better?

One is better for athletes and fitness!

Choosing a refurbished smartwatch: Garmin vs Apple

Both Apple and Garmin have released multiple smartwatch models over the past few years. We’re not going to discuss any model in particular, but we are going to help you decide which brand is better for you: Garmin or Apple. Both of these brands make smartwatches for very different purposes, and depending on what you need from a smartwatch, that will decide which of these refurbished smartwatches is better for you.

Advantages of buying a refurbished Apple Watch

Whether you buy a refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 or the more recent Series 8, you’re going to realise that the watch integrates and works perfectly with an iPhone. Notifications, texts, all that fun stuff. And it’s done in a way that’s slick and easy. Newer versions of the Apple Watch (Series 2 and newer) come equipped with an onboard GPS, but with anything before that you’re going to need to bring your iPhone along to measure your distance on runs or bike rides. Some newer versions of the Apple Watch also come with the ability to use LTE.

Where a refurbished Garmin watch is better than the Apple Watch

Ok, so first let’s just say that no Garmin Watch will be quite as smooth or integrate quite as nicely with iOS as the Apple Watch. Don’t expect a company that specialises in GPS systems to beat Apple in their own game. But when it comes to software, the one advantage of Garmin watches is that they're also able to work with Android. I’m an Android fan and have been wishing for many years that the Apple Watch would come to support Google’s operating system, but alas, that’s something that’s probably never going to happen.