Une Apple Watch SE 2 sur un fond blanc

Apple Watch SE 2 Review: an excellent entry-level Apple Watch

Here we talk about the Apple Watch SE 2, which released in 2022 and follows the second iteration of the first Apple Watch SE back in 2020. But what does SE mean? Is it an acronym? On Apple's website, you won't find an answer, but what we know is that this range was intended to be accessible to lower budgets without compromising Apple's trademark quality.


Like most Apple Watches, this generation comes in two models of slightly different sizes. 

One 44 mm with a 368 x 448 pixel screen, and one 40 mm with a 324 x 394 pixel screen.

The screen is the same, Retina OLED LTPO that can shine at 1000 nits hidden under Ion-X glass. But no sapphire crystal glass like in the Apple Watch Series 6 or Series 7 or the Apple Watch Series 8 which was released at the same time as the Apple Watch SE 2.


Apple Watches all look the same (except for the Ultra), and we know it's what's inside that counts. 

In terms of finish, whether it's the GPS or GPS+ Cellular model, you'll only get aluminium for the case, but that's okay, because it's 100% recycled aluminium and the glass is arsenic-free.

The colours available are:

  • Silver .

  • Midnight.

  • Starlight.

As far as handling is concerned, I'm talking about size and weight (some would say mass).



40 mm

44 mm


40 mm

44 mm


34 mm

38 mm


10.7 mm

10.7 mm

There are some slight differences between the cellular and non-cellular editions. The size is the same but the weight slightly different.



GPS + Cellular

40 mm

26.4 g

27.8 g

44 mm

32.9 g

33 g


To personalise your Apple Watch SE 2, in addition to the base colour, you can of course choose from a variety of watchstraps.

There are several types of watchstraps:

  • Braided Solo loop

  • Solo loop

  • Sport band

  • Sport loop

  • Nike sport band

  • Nike sport loop

  • Leather strap

  • Stainless steel band

  • Hermès strap

  • Milanese loop