Eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend

Published on December 12, 2023 - It's almost Christmas, and you can nearly hear Santa's bells ringing. Oh wait, you still don't have a gift for your boyfriend? Don't worry, you'll find some great Christmas gift ideas in this article that'll have him thankful for Santa this year.

Stumped finding good boyfriend Christmas gifts?

Looking for an original gift idea for your boyfriend? Do you want a romantic but useful gift?

If you've already thought about a personalised mug, a romantic weekend, a special breakfast, you've tried making DIY gifts, gift cards to their favourite restaurants, nice wool socks or even a massage -- yeah, you've covered the bases on the usual ideas.

But don't worry! In this guide, we help you find the one that best suits your boyfriend's tastes. Do you have a romantic boyfriend? Are you looking for ideas for creative or artsy boyfriends? Maybe for gamer boyfriends? Find here all the Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend you’ll need.

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Personalised Christmas gifts for your boyfriend: a special phone case

Do you want to offer something personal to your partner? Try making a stylish Winter Wonderland phone case together!

It's very simple: you take a romantic walk together in the park and collect decorative elements such as leaves or moss. Once back home, compress your treasures overnight between some heavy books. Then just place the dried items into the protective phone case. You can cover them with clear resin for the most durability!

To make this extra special, decorate each other's cases or add small individual messages meant for your partner. For this romantic Christmas gift, your creativity has no limits!

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Getting a musical Christmas gift for your boyfriend

We probably couldn't recommend a particular instrument to you. But maybe your boyfriend dreams of learning guitar or can play some already.

Well, in any case, we have a catalogue of musical instruments on Back Market. From guitars to basses, you will find an incredible selection of refurbished musical instruments.

If your boyfriend is into electronic music, getting him a MIDI keyboard so he can start producing some would also be a great idea. He'll surely feel like a star!

Even if he isn't interested in making music, we do have a lot of gear and tech for music fans of all kinds. From headphones to music players, find refurbished music gear for less on Back Market!

Gaming boyfriend Christmas gift ideas

If your boyfriend already owns several gaming consoles, then he will definitely need a gaming headset for an amazing and immersive gaming experience.

Especially look into upgrading his setup with a model that has noise cancellation. That prevents external noise from disturbing the player, and it makes all the difference in shooter games. A microphone to go with the headphones could be a great idea to complete the whole package too.

As you have seen, there are many options for gifts for boyfriends on Christmas. And the best thing is that they are all at the best prices thanks to being refurbished.

Worried about the warranty? Well, you should know that you have 12 months included, plus 30-days to return hassle-free (if your boyfriend dares to!). That's pretty similar to if you had bought a new device in an official store. So you no longer have excuses not to trust Back Market and its reconditioned tech!


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