Sustainable Christmas gifts for your sister

Published December 13, 2023 - Do you want to thank your sister for how good she's been to you? Are you looking to smooth things over with a sister who, despite a few fights, you love deeply? Well, Christmas is here to help you out. Or rather, Back Market, with the best catalogue of Christmas gifts for sisters.

Helpful Christmas gifts for your older sister

The eldest siblings are the parents' guinea pigs. Firstborns have to fight for privileges such as an allowance and going out, and they're given much easier afterwards. It's time to say thank you to your big sister and surprise her with a great Christmas present.

Because your sister put in work for you to stay out longer, you should relieve her of some work in return. With a robot vacuum cleaner, she won't just be happy on Christmas, but also on any other day that she doesn't need to push around a hoover. P.S. this is a great gift idea for a sister-in-law too!

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Experiences for middle sister Christmas gifts

The middle-born siblings are often dubbed the "black sheep" of the family. On this festive occasion, spend valuable time with your sister by organizing a cool home movie night!

Stock up on their favourite snacks and pick up a nice fluffy blanket too. Then, consider a home projector to capture the experience of going to the cinema. With a video projector, you can easily connect to any device and project your favourite film on any wall.

Once you set it up, you have a great at-home cinema experience for you and your sister to share at any time! Of course, you can also spend time with family and friends. Cinephiles rejoice!

If you want to take home cinema to the next level, why not get a refurbished sound bar? Elevate your personal theatre to the ultimate family cinema experience -- and save 30-50% compared to buying new!

Tech upgrades as younger sister gifts for Christmas

Oh, the little ones... Well, youngsters tend to be obsessed with tech and gadgets. Is your little sister's phone storage maxed out with videos and photos? Admittedly, we all know this problem -- and no one wants to pay for cloud storage as the solution! While we could suggest a refurbished smartphone with more storage, there is a cooler alternative that makes for a more unique gift.

Save your little sister from 21st-century problems and gift her an instant camera instant. This allows her to easily capture special moments as physical photos -- and not worry about storage space!

Photos of beautiful pictures you two share or personalised pieces of jewellery are also great ideas to make your sister happy on Christmas! They don't have to be expensive tech gifts, they just have to be thoughtful!

Shared Christmas gifts for your twin sister

Are you and your twin sister as different as night and day? You two can hardly find similar interests and have no hobbies to share?

Well, what could be better than having a game night together every now and then? Give your sister a Nintendo gaming console -- they're perfect for family fun nights! There are other video game consoles of course, but we think the Nintendo Switch is best for co-op and party games.

More Christmas gift ideas

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