Sustainable Christmas gifts for dad he'll be sure to love

Published December 13, 2023 - You've already got a gift for mum, but you're still undecided on what to get dad? 🎁 Or do you know someone who has only recently become a father and is thinking about the most useful gift you could give them? An electronic gift is certainly always useful and appreciable – and not just for the younger generation. You just have to figure out which device is the most suitable depending on the parent you buy it for.

Tech for Dad’s Christmas presents?

Now is a great opportunity to purchase a new appliance and give an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective gift. We guarantee they’ll be most appreciated as thoughtful Christmas gifts for Dad.

You know those electronic devices that need to be replaced, but the purchase keeps being put off for whatever reason? Thanks to Back Market, you don't even have to worry about the cost.

Plus your gift will be reducing the electronic waste that we generate. Rescuing a device from the ostracism of the drawer or, worse still, from the depths of the landfill – that’s a huge win. After all, the components of a poorly disposed of device can remain as waste for hundreds of years in nature.

🎄 Out of time to look for a thoughtful gift? Or maybe you just hate shopping in general? We feel your pain, which is why we've come up with a super gift ideas tool to make your search pain-free!

Dad Christmas gifts that are great for the kitchen

With all the commitments our parents have, a little help when it comes time to prepare dinner could be very welcome. If you aren’t familiar with a multi-cooker, it's a really great piece of equipment that makes life easier for many families.

It’s normally a bit out of budget as a Christmas gift (and in general). But not on Back Market! For example, the refurbished Instant Pot Fryer starts at about 33% less than the new one (which is normally around £179.99).

Another kitchen appliance that will surely be appreciated and used a lot is the coffee machine. For many people, the days don't start off on the right foot if they don't start with a coffee. If this statement is also true for your dad, then you have found the perfect present!

There are tons of models to choose from, multifunctional and advanced. So your parents will be able to try a coffee prepared differently every day, and find out which are their favourite ways. You can also find coffee machines with made-in-Italy espresso capsules, and prepare cappuccinos or americanos.

Sports Christmas gift ideas for dad

If your dad is a sports fanatic or athlete but prefers to hibernate in the winter, we have some suggestions.

This year, for Christmas, give him a sports game for Nintendo Wii. It's a classic console that turns your living room into a winter gym – plus working out together is more fun than alone!

Otherwise, a Fitbit or Garmin sports watch is a classic gift idea for athletes. They can track runs or other fitness activities, and working out then turns into a game so you can improve your performance over time.

Christmas gifts for dads who love photography

Your dad might be one of those parents who already own a modern iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. But do they leave all their photos gathering dust in a folder on some Apple device?

Why not make him happy by selecting some beautiful family photos and surprising him with a beautiful photo book?

If you want to get them a dedicated camera, you can also offer him one of the superb refurbished cameras or a Polaroid from Back Market.

Christmas gifts for the shower singer

Does your dad love to sing in the shower, sing along to radio tubes in the car, and break glass with his voice?

This Christmas, show your dad how much you love him! Place a Bluetooth speaker or a karaoke machine under the Christmas tree! To earn extra points, you can also organize a karaoke night for the family, where you can sing together!

If, on the contrary, you want him to keep the music in his ears, AirPods or Bluetooth headphones will be more suitable!

Regardless of age, favourite hobbies and passions, you will find dad gifts for Christmas (and for every other need) on Back Market.

If you want to surprise your father and at the same time, save a device from being reduced to electronic junk. Including a gift from Back Market at Christmas is a small 'eco' gesture that you can do for our planet!


Written by HaziqTech Expert for Back Market UK, Ireland & Australia

When not fighting the good fight for environmental sustainability, Haziq loves making reviews of everything and anything tech-related.

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