Christmas gifts for her: what to buy for the special woman in your life

Christmas gifts for her: what to buy for the special woman in your life

There are many ways to say "I love you" on Christmas. Whether it’s as a poem or wrapped up as a gift is up – that’s up to you. In the case of the latter, we’ve collected a few Christmas gift ideas and published them here for you.

Christmas gift ideas for her: what should it be?

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for the woman in your life can be quite tricky. There's the question of what she already owns and of course the worry about whether or not she'll like what you bought. Fortunately, there are a number of suitable Christmas gifts that are sure to impress your girlfriend, wife or partner, no matter what they like.

From cosy slippers, and jewellery to a wine subscription, we've rounded up Christmas gift ideas for women – ones that every woman will love. Whether she loves to curl up with a good book or snuggle up in a luxurious, fluffy blanket while watching Netflix, we've got the best Christmas gifts for women this holiday season - and beyond - for you. 🙌 

By the way, you should also consider gifting a refurbished Christmas present. No, we’re not talking about some old and broken device either. Refurbished means exactly the opposite: all the devices have been renewed by experts, and are just as functional as new products. This gives them the advantage of being cheaper and more sustainable. 🌎

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🎅 Women’s christmas gifts for under £150

If you want to spend less than £150 on her Christmas present, you can get a lot more value by buying refurbished. What’s more, is that you can still make the gift special!

A tablet is a great gift for just about anyone. However, you can make it special by spicing up the presentation. Instead of wrapping up just a tablet, consider pairing it with a bath gift. Getting a refurbished iPad 6 (2018) starting at £150 is already sweet – but getting it with a bath bomb and a bottle of wine? You won’t be in the dog house any time soon. 😉

Since not everyone is into tablets, you could do a similar idea with an e-reader. They’re better suited for reading than cell phones, and it makes it easy to carry multiple books at once. 📚 Take it a step further by loading it up with books you know your lady will like!

Shopping for wives and girlfriends: tech gifts for her Christmas

Springing for a tech Christmas present for your wife or girlfriend this year? Well, it’s important to be particularly attentive (even more than usual) for Christmas. Instead of giving her a gift she won’t use, make notes throughout the year to pick up on hints here and there.

Also, pay attention to her tastes! Would she prefer something simple? Is there a brand that she particularly likes? Remember that you can always embellish the gift with an engraving to make it more special too!

  • Sporty? An Apple Watch or Fitbit would definitely come in handy for her workouts! Heck, get yourself one and work out with her if you aren’t – time spent is the greatest gift of all. 🤗

  • Loves cooking? Here’s a list of gift ideas for cooking like a pro at home

  • Needs to relax more? Maybe some comfortable noise-cancelling headphones would be nice for times when she’d like to be undisturbed.

  • Artsy and likes to draw? Let us suggest a tablet one more time, this time with apps pre-downloaded for graphic design.  

You can also consider a practical gift, but you should tread lightly. Find out in advance if it’s something your wife or girlfriend would actually enjoy. A vacuum cleaner is only a gift if she gets a kick out of it. If it “makes her life easier”. . . maybe get her the gift of helping with chores instead. 😅