5 eco-friendly Christmas gifts for teens

Published December 13, 2023 - It's often difficult to find a Christmas present for the teenager in your life. Even if some would say “it's the intention that counts”, it's still nice to hit the mark. In this article, we offer 5 Christmas gift ideas that are sure to please your favourite teens.

The best Christmas gifts for teenagers are…

... high-tech Christmas gifts, of course! Teens love tech gadgets that allow them to pursue their passions like music, video games or even photography! So whether you need Christmas gifts for teen boys or teenage girl Christmas gifts, we think this list has you covered!

Here are the most popular sustainable teenage Christmas gifts to give your child (or grandson, brother, sister, niece, or nephew...) this year:

Bluetooth speakers: the Christmas gift for music fans

Music is high on the list of hobbies for teenagers, and they love sharing music with their friends! A wireless Bluetooth speaker is thus one of the best Christmas gifts for teenagers this year. These speakers can be taken anywhere and their batteries can last many hours, depending on the model. You can find speakers with the best value for money on Back Market, as our refurbished speakers are 30% to 50% cheaper than their original price.

Wireless headphones: the Christmas gift for teenagers who like to be flexible

With this gift, you make both parents and young people happy. Wireless headphones deliver the best sound without all the cable clutter. So if the idea of inviting loud showers with a Bluetooth speaker isn't appealing, this gift idea should be a much better alternative.

Wireless headphones are also super practical for active teens who play sports. They'll be able to easily listen to music in the gym or go on jogs without the annoying cable. Perhaps you can also consider earphones which are even more convenient for those situations.

Gaming consoles: a gift you can never go wrong with

It's a tried and true gift idea to give teens a video game console. However, it's important to find out in advance which console is the right one. There's the Sony PlayStation 5,Microsoft Xbox Series X and the Nintendo Switch. There are also older models that may not get new releases but are much more economical (and just as entertaining).

In any case, you want to make sure the teen likes the kind of games released for the console. Nintendo tends to have lots of family-friendly titles, Xbox has all the best shooters and PlayStation-exclusive video games have really great action and storytelling.

If your teen already has a game console, video games themselves are a good idea too. The recipient will be happy to add one to their collection and discover new games.

Professional camera: perfect gift for the aspiring artiste

Do you know a teen that loves to take lots of photos with their smartphone and post them on Instagram? Maybe buy them a camera so they can deepen their passion for photography. With a dedicated professional camera, they'll be able to experiment with more settings and improve their photography.

In addition, you can find cheap refurbished cameras with excellent quality on our online marketplace. The cameras have all been carefully restored to original working condition by experts, and they're backed by a 12-month warranty too.

Refurbished smartphone: good for the planet

More and more young people are committed to the well-being of our planet. Therefore, refurbished gifts are ones that'll be well appreciated by the young activist. What's more, a refurbished smartphone is a great way to give them a better phone at a cheaper price. Everyone wins: you, the teen, and the planet!

We have a bunch of smartphones available for sale at under 400 quid for sale. Recent models that are made cheaper and save up to 300 grams of electronic waste.

Not sure which smartphone is the best for a teen? Our guide on the best phones for kids will help you decide.

Need more Christmas gift ideas for teens?

We think tech gadgets like smartphones and laptops are always a hit. But you can also consider clothing and accessories. For the young reader in your life, consider a new book. Sports equipment and tickets to games could be great for active sports fans. In fact, experiences like concert tickets or gift cards for local activities always make for memorable and unique gifts.

Overall, the key is to consider the teenager's interests and find a gift that aligns with them. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get someone a great gift, but you should spend some time to really consider what they'd love!

🎄 For more help on finding the perfect Christmas gift for teenagers, check out our gift ideas tool!


Written by HaziqTech Expert for Back Market UK, Ireland & Australia

When not fighting the good fight for environmental sustainability, Haziq loves making reviews of everything and anything tech-related.

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