5 Christmas gift ideas for your mum

5 Christmas gifts for mum that she'll love

Finding gifts for mum on Christmas is not an easy task. And even though mum will always tell us that she likes our present one way or the other, we would like to give her a Christmas present this year that she'll adore! So by opting for refurbished items for mum's Christmas gifts this year, you’ll help reduce your footprint on the environment and save money – and still make your present extra special!

1. A new-ish smartphone for Christmas

Is your mom into tech? Are the photos she sends you starting to look a bit vintage? Or maybe her phone is so old that you wonder how she can still call you on it? 😬 A newer smartphone can be the ideal gift for Christmas this year! 

On Back Market, you can easily find THE smartphone that corresponds to her needs. If she has an older iPhone, why not give her a refurbished iPhone 11 for Christmas? Or why not a refurbished Samsung smartphone that you can find at a very low price? 

It doesn’t have to be the latest smartphone if she won’t benefit from all the latest features. Most moms would prefer a phone that works simply – and that you gave her thoughtfully. 💜

Smartphone as a Christmas gift for mum

2. A smartwatch for connectivity and fitness

If your mom is a connected woman, combine business with pleasure by gifting her a smartwatch this Christmas! It’s a good idea especially if she isn’t a connected woman and tends to forget her phone. 😅 Now there aren’t any excuses for not answering our calls the first time, mum!

Available from several brands for various purposes, there’s a smartwatch for everyone. If they have an iPhone, the Apple Watch is probably the best bet. Likewise, Samsung Galaxy watches are great for Samsung smartphone users. Or if your mom is very into fitness, pick up a Fitbit or Garmin watch instead. 

In any case, as long as you consider how your mom would likely use the watch, she’s sure to enjoy it daily. To go the extra mile, you can even get a little engraving! All good Christmas gift ideas for mum should be a little personalized! 😉

Smartwatch as a Christmas gift for mum