Eco-friendly Christmas gifts for friends your besties will love

Published December 13, 2023 - They are your favourite people and they know you at your best and your worst: your best friends. There is nothing you don't tell each other, and they have been there for you your whole life. Since your favourite people have a very special place in your heart, you want to give them something special during this special time of the year. We've researched some great gift ideas for you and your BFFs for Christmas, and we've decided to share them with you in this article. We know it can be hard to find that perfect gift so hopefully, these will stir up some ideas.

Memories as best friend Christmas gifts

Have you and your friends been inseparable for years? Do you have enough stories to fill books? Looking for a personal and unique Christmas gift to give?

How about a photo book (digital or handmade) in which you put all your memories? For each important event, you can add small stories so that your common memories are immortalised forever.

In the past, you had to buy high-resolution SLR cameras, but today an ordinary smartphone is enough to make a beautiful photo book. With even a refurbished iPhone camera, you can already take fantastic photos which can also be used in a personalised photo book. So don't be discouraged by not having a dedicated camera!

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Christmas gift ideas for friends who live far away

Your best friend moved away some time ago, and you can't spend time together like before? Especially with the friends you knew in school, you move to different cities and need to find creative ways to keep in touch long distance.

You could buy a subscription to a streaming service, as most of them allow you to watch movies together! Thanks to the screen-sharing modes, it's pretty easy to set up. So you can spend movie nights and watch the latest series together despite the distance. The Apple AirPods are particularly handy for watching movies, as they allow you to run to the door for the pizza delivery - all while not missing out on the movie and your conversations.

Cooking-related gifts for friends on Christmas

Does your best friend like to discover new recipes and try new dishes? If she's a foodie through and through, she deserves a gift that makes her inner foodie happy.

There are several possibilities here: you can get reservations for the newest restaurant and invite them there. Everyone loves a nice dining experience!

You can also cook for them at home! With a Thermomix, you too can make good food and prepare a nice meal. You could also surprise them with a sorbet machine so they can make their own ice cream at home! And best of all: you will benefit and eat good too!

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Christmas gifts for best friends who are creative

Is your good friend creative and likes to let off steam on paper or canvas? Whether it's drawing, painting or sculpting, your best friend loves to be creative.

In most towns, you'll find exciting classes around creative pursuits like drawing, painting or pottery. Thus, you are not offering a material gift, but a wonderful experience that they'll enjoy and remember for a long time! Whether your best friend prefers to paint or draw digitally on an iPad, there's a wide range of online and in-person classes, and you could even do them together!

For the graphic designer friend, an iPad with an Apple Pencil is certainly a handy tool to have. Surely, it would make for a great Christmas present too! At Back Market, you can buy both these items refurbished for 30-50% less than buying them new. These items are 100% functional and second hand so they should be appreciated even more if your friends are interested in sustainability!

Best Christmas gifts for friends who love sustainability

If your favourite friend is trying to produce less waste, the Christmas season is a good time to give them something practical for their zero-waste projects.

It's particularly handy to consider present ideas that replace disposable items in the bathroom or kitchen, for example. If you're looking for a more subtle gift, we can recommend a reusable water bottle or hard shampoo which cuts down on the use of plastic.

If you're going for an electronic gift, like a smartphone, tablet, hair straightener, or food processor, we suggest buying them second-hand. Second-hand smartphones, for example, help reduce e-waste in general by extending the life of the device.

At Back Market, all the devices presented on the site are refurbished, which means that an expert examines the device before the sale and fixes any problems. Plus, you have a 30-day return period and you get a 12-month warranty so you're sure to give your friend a gift that will last a long time.

If a friend of yours is particularly involved in projects that have to do with sustainability and the environment, they will appreciate a refurbished gift much more than one that just left the factory. And you will be happy to have contributed to the reduction of pollution and waste too.

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When not fighting the good fight for environmental sustainability, Haziq loves making reviews of everything and anything tech-related.

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