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Updated on 13 December 2023

Published on December 12, 2023 - As siblings, we may bicker, but we still love each other unconditionally -- even if we don't say it often. While it's out of the question to let them borrow your favourite jumper, you'd still sell a kidney for your brother. So what better occasion than Christmas to let him know how much you love him? Discover some of our ideas for great brother Christmas gifts below.

What gift ideas are best for a big brother?

He loves to make fun of you, and he would sometimes (maybe often) make your life miserable. But you'll never find a better protector or better confidant than a big brother. Whether he's awkward and finds it hard to reveal his feelings -- or he's sensitive and suffocates you a bit -- it's important to show some extra love every now and then.

Of course, the Christmas gift you give your big brother must be appropriate for him specifically. So you have to put in a little thought to know what he likes and what he needs!

For a DIY buff, consider tools ranging from drills to screwdrivers. These'll be sure to be functional and practical for a handyman. His next project will be a breeze thanks to you, and he'll definitely be appreciative of that.

For a big brother who lives alone and/or struggles with household chores, don't hesitate to turn to home care appliances. Give him a coffee machine so he can enjoy his favourite drink as soon as he gets out of bed. Opt for a multicooker that will allow him to prepare healthy meals at will without complicating his life.

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What gifts would a younger geek brother like?

Geeks and gamers have high demands as far as performance and comfort. This is why you must carefully ensure the quality of any high-tech gift that you'll offer your brother.

Why not opt for a video game console? From Nintendo Switch to Xbox Series X to PlayStation 5, you're spoiled as far as a choice. They may enjoy getting to unwind with some family-friendly or not-so-family-friendly titles.

If your brother already has a console, consider accessories that will allow him to have a more immersive experience when he plays. A gaming headset with a microphone will make sure he hears everything during those intense competitive matches. Just make sure he's not the kind of person to rage and break it.

If your brother spends his days on his phone, give him a more powerful model than the one he currently has. He could benefit from the improved camera if he likes photography or from the faster performance if he's into mobile gaming. No worries about breaking the bank either since our refurbished smartphones allow you to save 30-50% off compared to new ones!

What gift ideas work for a brother-in-law?

If you're close enough to know your brother-in-law's tastes, you won't have any worries. However, this isn't always the case, which can make it pretty hard to shop for them. You don't want to come off generic after all!

If your exchanges do not really reveal his deeper personality, you can consider getting practical gifts that anyone would enjoy:

  • A busy or stressed person would love a massage seat or a manual massager. Just make sure their spouse and your sibling isn't upset with you when they inevitably have to give the massages.

  • A bearded brother-in-law may enjoy a new electric razor that allows him to achieve clean edges and styles.

  • A photographer or even an active social media user would benefit from a camera or lens under the tree. A drone could also be welcome for more advanced shooters.

  • A movie lover would appreciate a video projector or sound bar for their home theatre. Bonus points since your sibling would also benefit from this.

The best gift for your brother on Christmas

No matter what you get them, a great gift is one that comes from the heart. It doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to be thoughtful.

Practical gift ideas are always a sure bet for men. However, you can also consider fun novelty items that make them laugh. Personal gifts are also very touching, and the holidays are a special time when being more sentimental than usual is just fine!

In any case, as long as you convey that you thought of them, your brother is sure to love their gift. Christmas doesn't have to be about giving gifts, but they'll appreciate you took the time to give them something heartfelt 💝.


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