Garmin, Fitbit oder Apple Watch

Garmin, Fitbit or Apple Watch: Which smartwatch brand should you buy?

Is design or performance more important to you?

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Smartwatches (or connected watches) have been gaining popularity for a number of years now. Among other things, these smart accessories show you more than just the time (of course, it's still a watch), but it's mainly their technological functions that interest users. 

The Apple Watch is the reference model in this area. But competing models from manufacturers like Garmin and Fitbit have also established themselves as interesting alternatives in the eyes of consumers. Are you interested in a smartwatch, but you don't know which smartwatch to buy? This article will help you with your choice step by step.

The major differences between all 3 brands

The smartwatches from the three big brands have some things in common, such as the pedometer, smartphone notification display, Bluetooth options and heart rate monitor. 

  • The Apple Watch has additional features when combined with an iPhone: You can make/receive phone calls without using your iPhone, for example. You also have easier access to the Apple Pay electronic payment system.

  • Fitbit smartwatches are all compatible with Android. They allow you to read your messages and emails as soon as the remote connection with your phone is established. The smartwatch also has an integrated media storage. So you can take your favourite playlist with you wherever you go. In terms of the mobile payment system, the product allows you to use NFC (Near-Field Communication).

  • One of the distinguishing features of Garmin's Forerunner is the black and white e-ink display, which gives the model a longer battery life. E-ink displays also offer better visibility in daylight. The Forerunner collection has physical buttons for the various settings, which are handy during physical activities.

Why buy an Apple Watch?

It's hard not to fall in love with the sleek design of Apple Watches. It has all the apps you need to make your personal and professional life easier. If you own an iPhone, the choice is clear. With an Apple Watch on your wrist, you can keep your iPhone safe in your pocket when you're on the go (and at home, if you want). The small colour display will show your calls, texts, emails and notifications from social networks. You can also access your music playlist, calendar, podcasts and photos, Wallet, Shazam and other apps. Depending on the model you choose, you'll also have an always-on display, like on the latest Apple Watch Series 8.

The Apple Watch is also a valuable companion to help you never miss an appointment, as you can connect it to your calendar app, which will notify you before your event. Speaking of notifications: Users can limit the notifications they receive on their smartwatch. Simply open the Watch app on your iPhone and deactivate the sending of notifications that you consider unnecessary.

What are popular features of the Apple Watch?

Of course, some of the most popular features of the Apple Watch are those related to wellness and health. You can use it to create good habits, check your heart rate and monitor your ECG. Additionally, you can train your mindfulness by activating Mindfulness Messages to remind you to take a short break several times a day. Apple Watches are often the first choice for fitness and running enthusiasts of all kinds, because high precision and practicality are always guaranteed.

How can you buy a cheap Apple Watch?

If you're on a budget or want to help reduce electronic waste, the refurbished products available at Back Market offer several advantages. With similar quality, you can find prices that are up to 70% cheaper than the cost of brand new. For example, find the latest Apple Watch Series SE 2 from as low as £212.35 (at date of writing - 10/08/2023).

Since its launch, Apple has worked with athletes to perfect the features. And if the basic features aren't enough, you can expand the Apple Watch's applications with a variety of apps from the App Store.

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Apple Watch Series

Why buy a Garmin smartwatch?

Garmin smartwatches are also suitable for sports activities. All the information that helps you progress in your training is provided by the device: Heart rate, calories burnt, distance travelled, speed, altitude.... everything is recorded to give you the information you need to reach your goal and know your limits.

The most important parameters of a sports session are recorded by the smartwatch to create an effective activity monitor that is tailored to the user's needs. Thus, you have the perfect fitness tracker on your wrist. The manufacturer's products are durable and aesthetically pleasing. They are also known for their long battery life. As a partner in everyday life, you can of course also receive your text messages and calls inconspicuously with your smartwatch.

A smartwatch from Garmin is more affordable than an Apple Watch and the functions it offers are completely sufficient for the standard user. The Forerunner 45 is one of the current models, which is a GPS running watch equipped with all running functions, including heart rate measurement. The maximum battery life is estimated at around 7 days, which is an absolute advantage compared to the Apple Watch, which only lasts 18 hours.

Garmin Smartwatch

Why buy a Fitbit smartwatch?

Fitbit has built a good reputation with its wristbands and watches. According to statistics, the company has almost 30 million users worldwide since it was founded in 2007. The number of devices sold has exceeded 120 million, so you can also opt for a refurbished Fitbit smartwatch.

In terms of design, a smartwatch from this American company is in no way inferior to its competitors. To expand its target group, the Fitbit brand has designed various products that are available in different price ranges. The Versa 3 is currently one of the most popular models of connected watches. It has a robust and aesthetic aluminium casing. It is equipped with sensors and is designed to track your physical activities as efficiently as possible.

To keep up with the competition, the Fitbit Versa 3 has features like:

  • Receipt of personalised notifications

  • Payment system

  • Sleep analysis

  • Tracking of the oxygen saturation in the user's blood (SpO2)

  • Automatic synchronisation of tracking data via Strava or similar services

  • Other features include managing your music playlists

Fitbit also offers the Fitbit Sense, an innovative health watch that records an ECG like the Apple Watch. On top of that, it offers its users a new analysis: a sweat analysis as a stress test and a nightly sleep analysis including blood oxygen and temperature measurement.


Final thoughts on the Garmin, Fitbit and Apple Watch comparison

Apple Watch

Anyone who wants an extension of their iPhone to make their life easier will naturally look to the Apple Watch. Do you want more motivation for sporting activities? The brand with the apple can provide you with the best smartwatch. However, depending on the model and usage, you can expect to have to charge the smartwatch frequently. The battery life of most models is quite short, around 18 hours.

Garmin Watch

Garmin smartwatches are recommended for athletes who do not necessarily own an iPhone and have a smaller budget, but still want to have all the functions on board. With its 7-day battery life, the Garmin smartwatch is a real competitor to the Apple Watch. Those who find bulky sports watches too big will also find what they are looking for at Garmin: The dial of the Vivomove HR model looks like a "normal" watch, so you can discreetly track your fitness goals.

Fitbit Watch

Finally, if you're looking for a versatile device that's compatible with iOS and Android, a refurbished Fitbit smartwatch is the right accessory for your needs. You can set the display to always be on, so you can use the watch normally in everyday life. I also like the fact that the design of the Fitbit Cardio model is extremely similar to the Apple Watch. 

Finding the best smartwatch model is not only a question of brand. In order not to be deceived, you should closely observe some relevant criteria:

  • Battery life

  • GPS

  • 4G or LTE

  • Water resistance

  • Wireless charging

  • build quality

  • Colours

  • Various health functions (heart rate monitor, heart sensor, ECG, sleep tracking, etc.)

  • Connectivity (WLAN, Bluetooth connection)

Back Market, the marketplace for refurbished equipment, offers various types of products at affordable prices. This is possible thanks to the work of our experienced refurbished partners. When you buy from Back Market, you also benefit from a guarantee of at least 12 months seller warranty, 12 months Back Market warranty and a 30-day right of withdrawal. 

Would you rather buy a Samsung Smartwatch? Don't worry, we have those on offer too!


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