Apple Watch 5 vs SE

Apple Watch 5 vs Apple Watch SE: Who has the edge here?

We've tested both watches to help you decide which Apple Watch you should buy.


The Apple Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches on the market. Before you choose a model, it's a good idea to compare different models. Apple's smartwatch has been on the market for a number of years, so it's not necessary to invest in the latest model. You can also choose a refurbished Apple Watch and save a lot of money. 

Nevertheless, the functions of the different generations are diverse. You can also choose a watch with a stylish design that is both a sports watch and a heart rate monitor. The Apple Watch offers you various health functions with which you can monitor body functions and evaluate them on your iPhone. For when you're on the move, the watches have a built-in GPS signal and an altimeter. However, other features depend on the model and differ between generations. The Apple Watch works with a specially developed operating system called WatchOS, which is why you can unfortunately only pair it with an iPhone so far.

Apple Watch Series 5 or SE - models compared

You've decided in principle to buy an Apple Watch. But now you want to know which model is the right choice for you? The differences to the previous models lie in the details. For example, unlike its predecessors, the Series 7 has a slightly larger case and a faster processor. The changes are only marginal, so find out more in our Apple Watch 7 review.

Since the latest Apple Watches are generally always expensive, it's worth including the previous models in your decision-making. At Back Market you can also find models from previous years, all the way down to the Apple Watch 3, all of which have impressive features. 

As an alternative to the Apple Watch Series 5, Apple offers the Apple Watch SE, for example. This is a low-priced entry-level model from 2020 that offers many functions but does without some extras due to its low price. But what does "low price" actually mean? Because the Apple Watch SE came onto the market at the same time as the Apple Watch Series 6 and, unlike the Apple Watch 6, it is definitely cheaper. But how does it compare with the premium Apple Watch 5 from 2019? Who beats who in performance here and who is cheaper in the end?

Apple Watch 5 - monitor your health with sensors

The Apple Watch Series 5 was introduced in September 2019 as the successor to the Series 4. The model offers a revised processor, the S5 64-bit Dual Core. However, you will also find this in the Apple Watch SE. 

Many of the familiar functions are retained: The device has a heart sensor and the option to record an ECG. When buying, you can choose between three cases (aluminium, stainless steel and titanium) and two sizes (40 mm and 44 mm). Note that the Apple Watch 5 cannot yet measure blood oxygen. Blood oxygen measurement was only introduced with the sixth generation of the Apple Watch. If you want this feature, you'll need to buy an Apple Watch Series 6 or an Apple Watch Series 7.

However, a compass, fall detection and an accelerometer are built into the Apple Watch 5. The same goes for the high-resolution and scratch-resistant Retina display. And on top of that, you get an always-on display: that means you can see the time on the display all the time. Thanks to the high-resolution OLED technology, reading the content on the watch is no problem even in direct sunlight.

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