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How much does a Nintendo Switch cost? The complete price overview

Updated on 3 August 2023

Bargain hunters beware, we give you a complete price overview of all three models of the Nintendo Switch.

Finally a drop in prices for the old Switch models!

After the Nintendo Switch was introduced in 2017, Nintendo released two more Switch models. The price of the new Nintendo Switch OLED from 2021 has hardly changed since its release. In contrast, the regular Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite have recently seen a significant price reduction compared to the original price.

We give you a complete price overview of all three models to make your purchase decision easier.

Our price overview

In the table you can see the introductory price as well as the current lowest price of the respective Switch model at Back Market.

NB: Price overview from 03.08.2023

Introductory Price

Refurbished Price (Back Market)

Nintendo Switch

From £259.99

From £189.95

Nintendo Switch Lite

From £199.99

From £147.00

Nintendo Switch OLED

From £309.99

From £289.99

In terms of price, it is worth buying the original Nintendo Switch refurbished, as you save £70 compared to the current new price. For the newer Switch OLED, the price difference between a new and a refurbished model are currently still minimal.

Nintendo Switch price FAQs

What is the cheapest way to get a Switch?

The cheapest way to buy a Nintendo Switch is to buy the Nintendo Switch second hand from a private dealer. However, you run a higher risk of ending up with an unreliable console as you don't know exactly how well maintained/damaged the console really is. However, you can reduce the risk by only buying from dealers with good ratings. We also recommend using a buyer protection programme such as PayPal, where you can easily get your money back if the seller fails to deliver. 

Why buy a refurbished Nintendo Switch?

The advantage of refurbished game consoles is that they are cheaper than new consoles, but there is less risk for the buyer than with a straight forward second-hand purchase. The consoles on Back Market are put through their paces by experts and even repaired and renewed if necessary. On Back Market, you get an extra 12-months warranty plus 30-day returns policy hassle-free. You even help reduce e-waste with your purchase, so you can feel good about spending less money and for helping the planet in the process!

Why is the Nintendo Switch Lite the most affordable model?

Although the Nintendo Switch Lite is newer than the classic Switch, it costs about a third less, depending on the retailer. This is because it is slightly smaller and can only be played in handheld mode. The Switch Lite comes without controllers (Joy-Cons) and is not suitable for playing on the TV.

Why is the Nintendo Switch OLED the most expensive model?

The Switch OLED has a high-resolution OLED display. It has a higher contrast and wider colour gamut than the LCD screen of the regular Switch. Furthermore, the Switch OLED has twice the storage capacity of the normal Switch with 64 GB of memory and has a better adjustable stand for tabletop mode. However, the graphics performance is identical to the normal Nintendo Switch and the same games can be played.

Classic Switch or Switch OLED - Which console is more worthwhile?

If you mainly play on the go, you'll probably prefer the Switch OLED because of its better and larger display. However, for TV gaming, you can save a lot with the regular Switch without having to sacrifice much. In terms of game selection and graphics performance, the two consoles are no different. If you don't own a Switch already, then it's perhaps worth the investment to for the OLED version, but if you own the classic Switch already, then we advise against upgrading as it is only a small improvement only.

Are the Joy-Cons already included in the price?

A pair of Joy-Cons is included with both the regular Switch and the Switch OLED. Although the Switch Lite does not have Joy-Cons, it can still be used with Joy-Cons when playing in tabletop mode. However, the Joy-Cons must be purchased separately for each player.

When will the price of the Nintendo Switch drop?

The release of a new version like the 'Nintendo Switch 2' or 'Switch Pro' could have a big impact on the price of the older models, but Nintendo has not yet confirmed a release. Why wait for the new console when you can buy a cheap Nintendo Switch now on Back Market!

Where can I find out more info about the different Switch models?

Find out more about the different Switch consoles in our other detailed review articles: Read our Switch Lite review, Switch OLED review, or the classic switch review to find out more about the consoles' features! Or read our overall comparison of all three Nintendo Switch models here!


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