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Nintendo Switch Review: is it still worth it?

Updated on 3 August 2023

The Nintendo Switch has been a sensation since its release in 2017. But is it still worth buying the classic Nintendo Switch today? Before we look at the Switch's technical performance, and features, let's take a moment to look at the different game modes. It's worth remembering that Nintendo's console is a 3-in-1 model.

What are the parts to a Nintendo Switch?

At first glance the Nintendo Switch may appear complex due to the different parts, but rest assured, it's not that bad! The Nintendo Switch consists of:

  • The Nintendo Switch console.

  • Nintendo Switch docking station.

  • Joy-Con controller.

  • Joy-Con wrist strap.

  • Joy-Con holder.

The console is the heart of Nintendo Switch. You can either insert it into docking Station, or use the console directly. The Joy-Con is the control centre. It's either attached directly to the Switch on either ends or used separately. This is also how Nintendo allows you to play together, as both pieces can also be assigned to individual players. Depending on how you prefer to play at the time.


How to use a Nintendo Switch? The three game modes

TV mode: Nintendo Switch works like a normal console that can be connected to a TV. So you can play with your friends and family on the big screen.

Tabletop mode: the console itself can also be placed on a table and stand by itself. This is particularly useful if you don't have a screen at home or if you're on holiday.

Handheld mode: the final "Switch" is the mobile console, which can be held directly in the hand. In this mode, the Joy-Cons are attached directly to the screen.

Nintendo Switch Technical Specifications


Nintendo Switch


102 mm x 239 mm x 13.9 mm


398 g

Screen size and resolution

Touch screen / 6.2 inch LCD / 1280 x 720 px

Internal memory

32 GB


WLAN / Bluetooth

Audio/video output to TV mode


USB port

USB Type-C

Headphone jack

3.5 mm


Compatible with microSD, microSDHC and microSDXC memory cards

Battery capacity

Lithium-ion battery, 4310 mAh

Battery life

Between 2 and 6.5 hours approximately

Charging time

3h (in standby mode)

What's the gaming experience like on the Nintendo Switch?

Before we get to the 'how', let's briefly touch on the 'what'. Because Nintendo has one of the largest collections of games that you can access directly on the Nintendo Switch using Wi-Fi. The games catalogue has the advantage of including Nintendo's big hits, such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey, but also non-Nintendo games, such as Skyrim and The Witcher 3. Not to mention the plethora of independent games that have emerged on Switch in recent years. 

But even if the choice seems infinite, the Nintendo Switch has a few limitations here linked to its size. It's not as powerful as some of its rivals, such as the Xbox Series X and PS5. This particularly affects games like Resident Evil, which thrive on very powerful consoles with better resolution.

Resolution in particular is very important in video games. The Nintendo Switch has a 6.2-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. For comparison, this is roughly the size of the screen on an iPhone 11, which is popular for mobile gaming. However, the iPhone 11 came with a pixel density of 1792 x 828. The Nintendo Switch's screen is roughly the same size, but with a lower resolution. The next important point is the battery, because if you're interested in portable mode, battery life is very important. That's around 4-9 hours for the Nintendo Switch. The exact runtime depends on the game you're playing. For reference, according to Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda will last you around 5.5 hours.

Is it still a good idea to buy a cheap Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch offers much more than an ordinary console, and this is reflected in its success over the years. But we now come to the most important question: is it still worth buying? Technology has a very short half-life, which is why 4-5 years is a long time. But the Nintendo Switch was a step ahead of other games consoles thanks to its multi-functionality, which makes it a very popular console even today.

There's a rumour talking about the Nintendo Switch, that Nintendo will release a successor model soon. But it should be taken with a grain of salt, as nothing official has been announced yet. That's why we're still recommending the Nintendo Switch. Big games will continue to be released on the Switch for a while, and the platform is very well suited to independent games, which will also populate the catalogue for a few more years.

What does a refurbished Nintendo Switch include?

With refurbished devices, many people wonder what's included in the pack. The refurbished Nintendo Switch includes all the essentials: the console, the dock and the Joy-Cons. Depending on the offer you find, there may be games or accessories included, but this will of course have an impact on the price.

Why buy a refurbished Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo is certainly a pioneer in the games industry. Who (with the exception of generation Z) doesn't remember the Nintendo Game Boy? But today, Nintendo is far from the only player on the market. Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One are two of the strongest competitors. But their flagship products are the traditional consoles that connect to a screen and look more like Nintendo's Wii.

Even if you're looking for direct competitors in the mobile games sector, you won't find them. That's where smartphones come in, and of course they don't perform any of the other functions. The refurbished Nintendo Switch is the only device on the market (in April 2021) that bridges the gap between mobile and traditional gaming, and at a price that defies all competition!

A refurbished Switch is more than a second hand Nintendo Switch, since certified professional refurbished sellers ensure the device works perfectly as you would expect from a brand new Switch, except it's just sold at a fraction of the price of new (between 30% to 70% off at Back Market). It should be known that our refurbished sellers abide by strict checks before listing their product to ensure it's in perfect working order. Buying refurbished also has a big impact on our sustainability efforts to prevent more unused or broken Nintendo consoles from ending up in landfills, rather than being given a second life to prevent electronic waste provide many more years of joy! Good for the planet, and good for your wallet too!

Conclusion: should you buy a Nintendo Switch today?

Yes, we've already mentioned how excited we are about the three game modes. We're particularly excited about the fact that you can easily play with friends. That makes it ideal for kids and families.

And for adults, who rarely have a TV screen at their disposal, the table mode is very attractive. Even if you want to play alone on the move, the large screen with side navigation is optimal. Nintendo has really managed to cover all the gaming scenarios here and maintain its relevance for long-term gaming fans, making a used Switch (but reconditioned on Back Market), a great deal!

And if you're tempted by another version of the Switch, take a look at our Nintendo Switch Lite (for an even more compact design and a cheaper price!) or the Nintendo Switch OLED (for a better screen), which arguably is probably worth the slightly higher investment if you don't own a Switch already!

👉 Read our Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite vs Switch OLED review to understand the key differences between all three models.


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