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How to choose your Macbook Air ?

Updated on 3 August 2023

Deciding what MacBook to get is never easy with the frequent new releases and new technology. And most people do not know what to look for when getting one. To pick the right Mac, you need to consider the purpose of the device. If the Mac is for sending emails, skyping, or using Instagram, you do not need an expensive laptop. While people looking for a gaming laptop will go for Macs with higher processor speeds. There are various factors to consider when getting a Mac: the cost, the laptop’s processor, memory just to mention a few.

How much are you willing to spend?

If money is not a problem do not waste too much time getting Apple’s new Mac Pro which comes with extremely impressive specs. If you are still thinking about the MacBook Air, read on : the incredibly thin and sleek Air is pocket-friendly. It comes with sleek wedge design, a brilliant Retina display, Touch ID, faster graphics, and good storage capacity. If you want this powerful Mac at a pocket-friendly price, get a refurbished Mac. You will pay between 30 to 70% less for those amazing features. Sounds crazy? I know.

What is the Processor Speed?

Processor vocabulary can be very confusing; GHz, i5, i7, i9 will be discussed below.

Depending on developments in technologies, processors of MacBook Air models vary with every new release. The 2020 model is completely different from the 2016 model.

Look at this overview of processor vocabulary:

  • GHz is the measure of the raw processing speed of a CPU unit.

  • Cores denominate the number of individual processing units within the CPU.

  • Cores i3, i5, i7, i9 show the model of the processor.

Note that MacBook air's base model starts with a 1.1GHz dual-core core i3 processor and is not probably a good processor for intensive tasks. However, you will notice that the 1.1GHz quad-core i5 can bite much more because of its CPU power. Quad-core i5 has twice the cores i3 has. If you need the 'superman,' you have the 1.2 GHz quad-core i7. It has enough processor power for heavy tasks such as video editing or crunching heavy numbers. Remember, you can always get all these features in refurbished MacBook Airs and save some bucks. If you need the Mac for heavy tasks, choose the i7 processor. For the rest, the i5 is the most comfortable processor. Core i3 is low-budget compared to i5.

What amount of memory do you need?

How much RAM do you need? The new MacBook Air provides 8GB, which is 16GB upgradable. This new Mac came with LPDDR4X memory, which increases the RAM speed by 75%. Older versions used the LPDDR3 RAM.

Is it necessary to upgrade your memory? No.

First, you will have to spend a lot of money to upgrade. Secondly, 8GB is enough for most people.

The storage space of the MacBook Air

Apple's Mac Air base model has a 256 GB storage space. This is a very welcome change since Apple offered 128GB in its entry-level models (MacBook Pro still does). Storage is upgradeable, and depending on how much storage you need; you may opt to use cloud storage instead. Air has various options, 512GB, 1TB, and 2GB.

Upgrading Air's SSDs can be very pricey. Use cloud storage to store your files; this way, you will spend less.

Why should you get a refurbished MacBook Air?


For most people, buying a new MacBook Air is an expensive affair, and a refurbished one is the only option to save some money. This refurbished option is for anyone who wants to invest in a renowned brand that guarantees quality at a relatively low price. Buy a used Mac from Back Market and save up to 30%-70% depending on the model. Older models always go for less.

Quality for less

Imagine enjoying the beautiful features; the brilliant Retina display, Touch ID, fast processors, sleek design, etc. of the Mac Air for a lower price. The quality of our products is comparable to that of new products. Back Market boasts of a team of professional refurbishers who focus on highly reliable products and transparency.

The stigma around buying used products is due to stories from people who purchased items that didn't meet their expectations. At Back Market, we sell refurbished products that have undergone hardware and software testing. Our refurbished Macs also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.

Save the world

Did you know that 80-85% of electronic waste is discarded in incinerators or landfills, releasing toxins into the air? 20 to 50 metric tons of e-waste is disposed of worldwide every year and only 12.5% is currently recycled.

By purchasing used products from Back Market, you will be saving the world. Other refurbished products from us include game consoles, smartphones, tablets, computers, household appliances, and more. You will get products from your favorite brands such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, etc., on Back Market.

Always look at the storage, memory, and processor of the MacBook Air before buying. For heavy tasks, buy a Mac that has a fast processor (quad-core i7) and large storage (256GB, 1TB,2TB). If the Mac is for doing simple tasks like sending emails, you do not need an expensive MacBook.

Apple took the iconic MacBook Air off the Market. So, if you still want to enjoy the incredible Mac features, buy one at Back Market. We aim at giving you quality and reliable products for an affordable price. Additionally, our products come with a 30-days money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. Buy a refurbished Mac and save the world from 1700 tons of e-waste.

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