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Brian S.


Reviewed in United Kingdom on 18 July 2023

Great value and wonderful picture, definitely a 5 star rat
Philips 24PFS5525/05 24" 1920 x 1080 Full HD 1080p LED TV

Overall performance





Purchased on the 17 June 2023

Refurbished TVs

The Ultimate in Entertainment, choose a refurbished TV from Back Market

TVs are a huge expense nowadays, meaning buying second-hand or refurbished has become quite normal. Buying a preowned or used TV is better for the wallet and for the environment. When buying second-hand, it's vital that you choose your TV from a trusted reseller, so you are covered in case of any future defects that may occur. Back Market recondition TVs so that they are sold as new for a much lower price. To ensure this standard is met, they are put through numerous tests and checks.

What does 'refurbished' mean?

Buying a refurbished TV does not mean sacrificing on quality and it definitely doesn't have to mean an end of series, display or defective model. Many refurbished TVs are in fact the result of customer returns - when the customer who bought a brand-new TV changes their mind within the returns period. The TV is basically new but cannot be resold as such. A refurbished TV could mean the product has just been repackaged but has never actually been used. If you do decide to buy a refurbished TV from Back Market, your TV will come with a 12-month guarantee, so there are no unwanted surprises. This guarantee covers you in case of any defects or faults and the TV will either be repaired free of charge, or you can choose to exchange or be fully refunded.

Get a certified refurbished TV from Back Market

Whatever model of TV you're searching for, you're bound to find it on the Back Market website. If you're unsure which model to buy, then start by refining your search by screen size, thinking about both what size you'd like and the space it needs to fill in your home. Our models range from under 37 inches to more than 60, so you won't struggle to find the exact dimensions you need. The next step is to select the screen quality - either standard or high definition - the latter will give you a crisper quality with clear and vibrant colours. Now you've got your shortlist to choose from, so go ahead and pick the brand and model that takes your fancy. It's a risk-free purchase since all Back Market's certified TVs come with a minimum 12-month guarantee, in case of future defects.

What's the cost saving of choosing refurbished?

The number one benefit of buying a refurbished TV is no doubt the price difference, there are massive savings to be had on the used and reconditioned TV market. The lesser known, but arguably more important factor, is how buying second-hand is far better for the environment, by lessening the amount of electronic waste going to landfill. Back Market offers incredible discounts of 30% to 50% off the RRP of a brand-new TV. It would be hard to beat Back Market's price and quality proposition. When you take into account the tests and checks each machine gets put through in order to be resold in an almost new condition. These tests, paired with the guarantee offer consumers a fantastic risk-free alternative to buying new.

When buying a refurbished TV, buy from a trusted seller, like Back Market. We offer the best prices on the best refurbished TVs.