Which storage capacity should I choose for my iPhone 13 Pro? 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB

If you're thinking of buying the iPhone 13 Pro in the near future, don't be too hasty. If the choice of colour is up to you, depending on your taste, the choice of storage capacity should not be neglected, as it depends on your use of the smartphone. It is this storage capacity that will also determine the price of your device. The higher the capacity, the more expensive it will be, so don't make a mistake. Let's see in this article which storage capacity to choose for your iPhone 13 Pro according to your needs.

The different storage capacities of the iPhone 13 Pro

With the iPhone 13 Series, Apple decided to stop offering a 64GB version since it was starting to be considered too small. Thus, whichever model of iPhone 13 (unlocked) you prefer, the base version will include at least 128 GB, which is excellent news!

The iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini are available in 128, 256 and 512 GB. As for the iPhone 13 Pro, it is part of the premium versions of the range, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max. So, you will find it with a storage capacity of 128, 256, 512 GB and a huge new addition, in 1TB. All you have to do is choose the version you need, depending on how much you use your iPhone’s internal storage.

Who is the 128GB storage capacity for?

Ideal for most use cases, the 128GB storage capacity will be great if you want to take and store photos and videos without having to upload them to iCloud. You can also download movies and music, but you may have to delete them eventually to free up space. While 128GB is certainly a step up from the old base models of 64GB, you have to watch out for the bigger file sizes from the upgraded cameras and more demanding apps.

The iPhone 13 Pro with 256GB of storage

If you don't think the 128GB version of the iPhone 13 Pro is going to be enough for you, 256GB will allow you to download apps and games without worrying about running out of storage space. Of course, you'll also be able to store your photos, videos and music without necessarily needing iCloud.

This storage capacity is also ideal if you like to take portrait photos, shoot 4K video or download episodes of your favourite TV show to watch offline without deleting them to free up space often.

512GB for full storage of your photos, movies and videos

If you're still not convinced by even 256GB of storage for your iPhone 13 Pro, 512GB will allow you to use your smartphone for both your business and personal life. You'll be able to download lots of apps and games, and you'll also be able to store your entire photo and video collection, as well as episodes of TV shows and movies that you can watch whenever you want.

Why opt for 1TB of storage capacity in the iPhone 13 Pro?

If you don't use your iPhone's cloud services much at all, but you use your phone a lot, the 1TB version of the iPhone 13 Pro could be for you. Movies, series from Apple TV+, Netflix and other platforms can be downloaded and watched on the plane, for example. If you often think of pulling out your