Is the Apple Watch 4 still worth it in 2022?

One of the cheapest Apple Watches of the year - but is it still worth buying in 2022?

Cheap Apple Watch 4: is it still worth it?

The Apple Watch Series 4 was released in 2018, but when you look at it now in 2022 and compare it to some of its competitors in the market, the natural question to ask is: Will a cheap and used Apple Watch 4 feel sluggish to today’s latest models? After all, it is already several years old. 

However, after personally using a refurbished Apple Watch 4 for a couple of weeks now, you can rest assured that you won’t notice any degradation in performance at all. It will definitely feel and work like a new Apple device, especially when bought from Back Market.

How does the refurbished Apple Watch Series 4 feel on the wrist?

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, the Apple Watch 4 felt feather light. Running with a used Apple Watch 4 felt great, and if you've never worn a smartwatch to your workout, you don't need to worry about the comfort. Although there is a bulge at the bottom of the device - like any fitness tracker that has a heart rate sensor - the watch still felt very comfortable and it was easy to forget it was even on my wrist.

If you want a fitness tracker that you don't have to charge every day, consider a Fitbit - these tend to last three days and if you're interested in the Garmin Watch: the Garmin app provides more data than the Apple counterpart can. When comparing the Apple Watch to other smartwatches such as Samsung smartwatches, it really is a matter of preference. Yes, Apple is known for its more accurate heart rate sensors, but many praise Samsung's interface for being sleeker when it comes to navigating apps and watch features.

What about tracking your workouts?

In case you didn't know, it is well known among techies that Apple Watches have some of the best fitness tracking sensors out there. They can record heartbeat and GPS coordinates better than most competitors, no matter what workout you're doing.

The native Apple Activity app doesn't offer a lot of insight, but it has a slick and simple interface (like every Apple product), and you can easily install a plethora of other apps to view more data from your workout if you're hungry for more numbers.