Is the Apple Watch 5 waterproof? And other FAQs

Updated on 10 August 2023

Wondering if the Apple Watch 5 is waterproof, but also have more questions too? Then read everything you need to know about the 5 series here.

Should you buy an Apple Watch 5?

Yes why not? you can be overwhelmed by all the Apple Watches, especially since the first Apple Watch series are still being offered "second-hand". Especially when you buy a smartwatch or fitness tracker for the first time, you have a lot of questions that you want answered as best you can. We're right there with you, which is why we've answered the four most frequently asked questions about the Apple Watch Series 5 for you.

Thinking about buying your next Apple Watch 5 used? We think that's great you care about circularity in this day and age where climate change is a constant issue! Because at Back Market you can do even better by buying a refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 with 12 months warranty and 30 days to test your watch. So you only have advantages if you decide to buy a refurbished with us!

How much does a refurbished Apple Watch 5 cost?

Let's start with the most important question: "What is the price for an Apple Watch 5? On Back Market, you can buy the used Apple Watch 5 in "Excellent" condition from as low as £169 (at date of writing - 10/08/2023). This is a saving of around 58% compared to the original price. If you don't care if the smartwatch has a few small scratches, you can opt for the "Fair" condition and pay from as low as £135 (at date of writing - 10/08/2023).

Prices can vary a bit as Back Market is a marketplace where different sellers can offer their products and set the price themselves. However, we always highlight the best prices for you to make your search easier.

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What kind of watch straps are there?

On Back Market, most Apple Watch Series 5 devices come with the standard sports bands, but there are also others depending on the supplier. The sports bands are very practical because you can simply wipe them off after exercise and they are very easy to clean. More about this in the next chapter.

What cases and colours are available for the Apple Watch 5?

There are two types of Apple Watch 5 Series: GPS + Cellular and GPS only. With the former, you can also get a separate contract and thus access the internet without an iPhone. NB: On Back Market you have to set the filter to 4G, then all Apple Watches with the cellular version will be displayed. 

  • With GPS + Cellular, you can choose between four casings: Aluminium (space grey, silver, gold), titanium (titanium, space black), ceramic (white) and stainless steel (silver, space black, gold).

  • For the GPS Apple Watches, there is only an aluminium case in the following colours: silver, space black, gold.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can add a leather strap from Hèrmes. You can even upgrade your Apple Watch 5 for an elegant dinner. There is also a Nike edition (see picture below), which is better for sports use. There are 40 mm and 44 mm versions of all cases and wristbands.


Is the Apple Watch 5 waterproof?

According to the Apple website, the Apple Watch 5 has a water protection of 50 m according to SO standard 22810:2010. This means that you can use the watch in shallow water. Shallow water means, for example, a pool, a small river or near a beach. When swimming in the sea, please make sure to rinse it under clean water after. But please do not wash it with soap or shower gel, as this is not particularly good for the Smartwatch.

You should also not use the watch during water sports, as the impact of the watch on the water could cause damage. Be careful with the first two generations of Apple Watches: These are only water resistant, but not waterproof. This means that a little splash of water won't hurt them, but they won't hold up under water and will break in the process. Whether you buy a used, refurbished or a new device, make sure you take good care of your stuff, you'll want to keep it for a while!

Should you buy an Apple Watch 5 or Apple Watch 6?

Do you want my honest opinion? We don't find much difference between the two Apple Watches. Of course, the design of the Apple Watch 6 is chic and a great upgrade is that you can measure the oxygen content in your blood. If you can do without these two things, the Apple Watch 5 is also a good choice at a cheaper price. Since the 4th generation, there has been the always-on display - so no more annoying shaking to get the watch to turn on. The battery life is about 18 hours, so it's best to find a fixed time during the day when you can charge the watch for about an hour.


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