Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch 7 review: in-depth performance review

Apple Watch Series 7 - is it seven heaven?

The Apple Watch Series 7 review

The Apple Watch not only offers you a wide range of features for your workout, your health and a variety of different information. The Series 7 model is a further development in the long line of Apple Watches throughout the years that contains upgrades compared to the predecessors. When compared to the Apple Watch Series 6, no new breakthrough features have been added. Instead, the more obvious differences with the Apple Watch Series 7 has been the larger watch case but in a flatter design.

This gives the watch a more refined look on the wrist. As with the previous models, you can choose between an aluminium case and a stainless steel case. Also, short charging times and a longer battery life allows you to wear this watch all day. This is particularly advantageous for sleep recording. Apple has revised this function in the WatchOS operating system: However, it is also available for the previous models of the smartwatch too.

What colours are available on the Apple Watch Series 7?

The Apple Watch 7 is available in six different colours for you to choose from. The case and strap of the smartwatch are visually coordinated when you buy it. So you're not just wearing a watch on your wrist, you're also wearing a fashion accessory. If you like, you can also match the colour of the watch face to the case and strap. If you like different colours, you don't have to buy a new watch. Invest in a different-coloured strap and, if necessary, a separate apple watch case that matches the colour of the Apple Watch base.

This way, you give the Watch different colour options that you can match to your clothes or your individual mood. If you're willing to spend a little more money, you can also buy more expensive straps from the likes of Hermes and Nike. These fit all devices, regardless of size or generation. If you opt for the larger display, buy the strap to match the watch's dimensions in millimetres. And don't be confused with the new dimensions of the Apple Watch 7, see which straps fit best here:

  • Apple Watch Series 7

    • 41mm -> 38/40/(41mm)

    • 45mm -> 42/44/(45mm)

The seven colours you can choose from include Starlight and Midnight, as well as gold, silver and graphite. Alternatively, you can buy the Apple Watch 7 in red. This is a special edition model that is mainly available through Apple Stores, bu